A 100km/h Paramedic Drone That Could Save Your Life

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    Belgian couple Marie and Nicolas* were hiking through the countryside near their home, when Nicolas suddenly collapsed from a cardiac arrest. Marie called emergency services immediately and tried for cardiopulmonary recovery. But, Nicolas needed a defibrillator – the shock pads that could jolt his heart back into its regular beat. It took over 15 minutes for the ambulance to arrive and by then there was absolutely no chance of saving him. If a defibrillator was available within two minutes, the chances of survival would be up to 80%.

    Stimulated by this tragic event, Alec Momont, the couple’s neighbor, recently completed a Master’s design degree at the University of Delft in the Netherlands. His prototype ambulance paramedic drone can deliver a defibrillator or any other medical instruments within 12km2  in less than two minutes and could potentially save hundreds and thousands of lives each year.


    The drone is assisted by a remote pilot who is medically trained and answers the emergency call.A front-mounted GoPro camera provides constant video feedback to navigate the drone using GPS. After reaching the patient vicinity, the pilot tells the user what to do or how to do, for e.g. if the defibrillator shock pads are placed correctly or not.


    -Cost: $5,280 (prototype)
    -Final model: $15,828
    -Top speed: 100 km/h
    -Weight: 4 kilograms
    -Lift-capacity: 6 kilograms
    -Response time: 12 km2 area within two minutes.
    -Maximum flight time: 15 minutes

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