iPhone: Apple getting ready for larger iPhones?

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 Iphones Size Apple’s Concern

Apple Iphones

According to reports, Apple are readying their next iPhone announcement to be accompanied by two Larger models of iPhones.

According to the report, one bigger iPhone will have a 4.5-inch display, while the other will have a screen “bigger than 5 inches”.

Exact dates when these devices might hit the market are absent, but the 4.5-inch phone is reportedly near mass production, while the bigger device is still in “preliminary development.”

Contrary to a rumor we’ve heard in Nov. 2013, this report claims neither device will have a curved screen.

Both devices will be made of metal, and — the boldest claim in the report — Apple will stop producing plastic phones, such as the iPhone 5C. Maybe they have been hinted to stopping the production with not-so-excited sales of the iPhone 5C.

So, if you’ve been trying to get a hold of a larger iPhone in your hands, your dream may just be true! But hey, this is just a rumor so keep your fingers crossed!