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Apple Watch Series 5 with an always-on display unveiled

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It turned out as expected. Apple indeed unveiled the Apple Watch Series 5 alongside the much-anticipated iPhone 11. Rather, we’d have been surprised had the company not unveiled its new range of smartwatches. After all, the Apple Watch Series 4 is ranked as one of the if not the best smartwatch currently available. So, it made sense of releasing this updated series in the Apple event 2019.

But what are its features? While not a review, this article will obviously help you get an insight into the key features of the all-new Apple Watch Series 5.

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Apple Watch Series 5 Specifications:

Basically, there are two variants available in the new Apple Watch 5 series. A GPS only 40mm model starting from $399 and the 44mm one costing around $429. Whereas, the 40mm and 44mm cellular model costs $499 and $529 respectively.

100% recycled aluminum! Yup. that’s what these watches are made of. It’s great to see tech giants striving for environmental safety! However, buyers will have an option to go for the stainless-steel version for a higher starting price of $699. Furthermore, there are a lot of options in terms of choosing the bands and loops too. Users can opt for a sport band, Milanese loop a leather loop and further Nike models with its own additional bands and loops.

Apple watch series 5

A major upgrade that probably many Apple Watch users wanted in the previous iterations is finally included in this one. The always-on display. And it is as the name suggests. The Retina display never turns off. However, the screen dims out while not in use.

This is all thanks to the all-new display driver that the watch integrates. It is power efficient and has ambient light sensors that help provide the always-on display. But the always-on feature is only on when the watch is on your wrist and with watch faces and Workout app. Furthermore, the power efficiency makes sure that despite the screen never shutting down, the Watch does provide its claimed 18-hour battery life.

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However, to me, it seems that the major change this time around is the OS. Apple Watch Series 5 uses watchOS 6. This OS brings to the user features such as an on-device app store, functionality options, multiple watch face customization and many more.

Another new addition in this year’s iteration is the compass app. It provides information such as latitude, longitude, elevation, and incline. Furthermore, the new Map app update shows you the direction you are facing.

Apple claims that the Watch 5 series has an improved safety feature. The fall detection will come in handy in case of accidental slips. Whereas the emergency SOS feature seems pretty handy too. The cellular version of the device will be able to instantly call emergency services in many countries simply by holding the crown button.

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Aside from these, the workout feature remains similar to its predecessor. However, there is a cycle tracking feature cratered for female users. It can track menstrual cycles and predictions about fertile periods.

So, my guess is that with all these added features, the Apple Watch Series will continue dominating the smartwatch market. The prices might seem a bit high for an average user, but that is the price one has to pay for a premium device. Don’t know about you, but I certainly can’t wait to get my hands on it.