Budget for 2074/2075 announced! What’s in store for the tech world of Nepal?

    budget 2074/2075
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    The Government of Nepal yesterday proposed a budget of total Rs. 1,279 billion for the fiscal year 2074/2075. As the reformed local bodies of the nation received some proper development budget, the technological world was not forgotten. Although the Financial Minister didn’t necessarily explain the details regarding tech ‘stuffs’, we got to hear about a couple of pretty good inclusions which will surely work great for the people of Nepal.

    So, in this article, I have tried to list down the couple of plans our government has regarding the technological world here.

    • Compulsory IMEI number registration

    This rule has been on tabs for quite some time now. But this time around, it looks as though it will surely come into effect. The government had come up with this plan in order to control the illegal import of mobile devices. If you want to know more about this rule, you can read it here.

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    • International e-payment

    The Government of Nepal has planned to bring the much-needed e-payment for online money transactions internationally. This is probably the most exciting thing for me as it has always been a hassle when I have wanted to buy things online on the international sites.

    • Internet Banking

    The Financial Minister emphasized that the government would encourage the banks in Nepal to provide the service of ‘branchless’ banking, internet banking, and mobile wallet. This is a welcome addition as it will save us from time-consuming banking transactions.

    • Telecommunication and internet service

    I was really impressed when I heard the government’s plan of connecting all the Municipalities, VDCs and District headquarters via optical fiber through what it calls ‘Suchana Marga’. Likewise, the Financial Minister explained about the plan regarding the extension of broadband internet service to all the wards of the nation. He also highlighted on how the telecommunication companies of Nepal should work together in order to provide a managed and competitive telecommunication service to the public.

    What do you think of the Government of Nepal’s plan for the fiscal year 2074/2075? Do you think these plans are enough at the present time? Or should the government give more emphasis on the technological aspects of the nation? Let us know in the comments below.