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Acer Laptops Price in Nepal

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Acer Laptops Price in Nepal

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Acer Laptops Price in Nepal 2023

Acer is a Taiwanese hardware and PC brand that started off as an electronics distributor and a consultant in the field of microprocessors. Today, it has grown into one of the biggest PC manufacturers in the world. In 2022, it was the fourth-biggest laptop brand by market share in the world. Even in Nepal, Acer is a popular laptop brand. Acer’s laptops are officially brought to Nepal by Mercantile Office System. These laptops are sold from Acer’s showroom at Durbar Marg and through other vendors and stores. Acer laptops can also be bought from independent third-party importers.  These importers generally have wider options to choose from, and the price is also comparatively lower than that offered by the authorized sellers. However, they offer just 1 year of warranty against a 2-year warranty by Mercantile. Also, repair services and parts replacements are better offered by official stores.

Acer Laptops Series in Nepal [2023]

Acer has a very rich selection of laptops in its offering. These laptops are often categorized under different lineups and series. Each lineup has a distinguished audience that it caters to. These lineups are differentiated based on the budget, specifications, and intended workload. 

Aspire Series

The Aspire is by far the most recognized Acer laptop in Nepal. It is because it is the most value-for-money laptop in the company’s portfolio. Acer Aspire brings up-to-date specs and reliable performance at affordable price points. There are mainly three laptops in the Aspire family: 
  • Aspire 3: It is the base model of the Aspire lineup. As expected, it packs the most basic hardware and build of all Aspire laptops. The number of available configurations is quite limited.
  • Aspire 5: A step above the Aspire 3, Aspire 5 is the most mainstream laptop in its family. It is very popular among students and home users because of the simplicity of the specs and the option of configuration.
  • Aspire 7: Aspire 7 is as premium as it gets for an Aspire laptop. The most significant difference is the option for discrete GPUs. You can configure Aspire 7 laptops with GeForce GTX and even RTX graphics units.

Swift Series

The Swift series is home to Acer’s ultrabook laptop. Compared to Aspire, the Swift laptop brings considerable upgrades in the build quality. Here, you get a full metal build. Likewise, the displays are better as you start getting closer to 100% sRGB. Newer models also have taller 16:10 screens, which you don’t get in Aspire laptops.
  • Swift 3: It is the base specimen for all Swift laptops and also the most popular of its kind. People choose Swift 3 for its build quality, screen, and overall features that it brings under Rs. 1 lakh in Nepal.
  • Swift Go: Starting in 2023, Acer is replacing the Swift 3 with the Swfit Go. With this, Acer has added wider options, like H-series and OLED screens.
  • Swift 14: The Swift 14 laptops have taken the place of Swift 5 laptops. These laptops are a step above the Swift 3
  • Swift X: Finally, the Swift X laptops are distinguished by the presence of discrete graphics. Thus, you can use it for light photo and video editing.

Spin Series

The Spin has a very niche use case — it can do the work of a normal, and when you need it, it can double as a Windows laptop. For this purpose, Spin laptops feature 360° hinge and touch panels with stylus support. Usually, these laptops have glossy screens, which makes them different than other laptops that feature a matte screen.

Nitro Series

Acer Nitro is among the most sought-after gaming laptops in Nepal. Nitro is like Aspire but for the gaming audience. It brings the latest H-series gaming laptops and discrete graphics. Compared to traditional laptops, the Nitro series features better thermal design, active cooling, and upgradability. Other highlights include a higher refresh screen, RGB keyboard, and so on.


Think of Predator as a college that you go to once you finish school of gaming from Nitro. In other words, Predator is the lineup you get when you want a laptop for competitive gaming. These laptops have premium asking prices and flashy features to show for it. There are two major lineups in the Predator family.


When making Triton gaming, Ace focuses on giving the best performance in a portable gaming laptop. These laptops are great for students as they not only offer the best performance possible but also portable form factor.


Helios is what you get when Acer engineers decide to make the best possible laptops without restrictions about size and weight. These are the best gaming laptops you can get from Acer.

Why Should we buy Acer laptops in Nepal in 2023?

There are several reasons why you would want to buy an Acer laptop in Nepal. But we believe two reasons that outweigh the other - Affordability and Options. 
  • Options: Acer has a wide range of laptops for everyone and for everyone.
  • Affordability: Acer offers some of the best budget laptops in Nepal. Laptops like Aspire and Nitro have a really good consumer base in Nepal.

Which Acer laptop is best for you?

As the range of Acer laptops in Nepal is quite wide, it is important to jot down your requirements so that you get the best laptop for your needs. If you want a laptop for basic tasks, you will be good off with Aspire 5 with at least 11th Gen / Ryzen 5000 series processors. You will need at least 8GB of RAM and 256GB SSD. Likewise, for gaming, you should start with the Nitro series. When it comes to gaming, GPUs are more significant than CPUs. The cheapest gaming laptops these days come with GTX 1650, but you should seek RTX 20 and 30-series GPU if you plan to use the laptops for several years.

Buy Acer Laptops at the Best Price in Nepal

As mentioned earlier, Mercantile Office System is the sole authorized distributor of Acer laptops in Nepal. You can buy Acer laptops at an official price from their showroom at Durbar Marg and other associated vendors. However, the choices are limited, and the price is also on the higher side. Alternatively, you can buy Acer laptops from trusted stores like Hukut. The price is usually on the cheaper side, and they come with deals and offers quite often.

Acer Laptops Price in Nepal: Conclusion

To conclude, Acer is among the more popular laptop brands in Nepal, known for affordability and quality options. You can get the best deals on Acer laptops from Hukut and other trusted stores.