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Apple Laptops Price in Nepal

Check out the latest Apple Laptops Price in Nepal (MacBook) you can buy in 2023. Unlike laptops from other brands like Dell, HP, Asus, and more that use Windows, Linux, or Chrome OS, MacBooks run on Apple’s own software called macOS. Announced in WWDC 2023, the latest version of macOS is called “Sonoma”. Besides its own software, the company has also transitioned to using its own Apple silicon; starting with the late 2020’s 13″ M1 MacBook Air and MacBook Pro. Compared to previous Intel-powered Macs, the M1 machines offer a significant boost in performance, battery life, and more. The entry-level M1 was recently succeeded by the M2 chip. So far, it’s available in the new 13″ MacBook Pro and the redesigned MacBook Air. For creative professionals who want even more powerful workstations, there are M1 Pro and M1 Max-powered MacBook Pros. These are succeeded by the new and more powerful M2 Pro and M2 Max chips in 2023. The MacBook Pro laptops come in two screen sizes: 14″ and 16″. On top of the updated Apple Laptops Price in Nepal, you will also find the specifications and a quick overview of these MacBooks in this list.

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Apple Laptops Price in Nepal (Latest MacBooks)

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Where to buy MacBooks in Nepal? Authorized vs. Grey Sellers

Generation Next Communication is the sole authorized distributor of Apple products in Nepal, including the MacBooks. You can buy genuine MacBooks at the official price from Genxt and other authorized stores like Evo, Hukut, and Oliz. These stores also provide official warranties, VAT bills, and breakage insurance. Here is the complete list of retail outlets and service centers in Nepal. Although there is a good network of authorized sellers, people still buy MacBooks from the grey market because of the low price. However, grey sellers do not offer any warranty and insurance, and there’s always a chance that the MacBooks sold this way are refurbished.

Popular Apple MacBook Laptop Models in Nepal

The MacBook lineup is pretty streamlined, which can not be said about the Windows laptops. Apple has a limited number of laptop models that it updates yearly, and fortunately, you can find most of them in Nepal. Each laptop in the Apple MacBook lineup is targeted at a different user group and has a unique strength. Here are the more popular MacBook models in Nepal:

MacBook Air 13 (M1)

It was a big turning point for Apple when it announced the M1 chip for its transition from Intel-based processors to in-house chips. Fortunately, it worked out for them. The first product with the M1 chips, the MacBook Air 13 (Late 2020), became a massive success. The M1 chip offers exceptional performance and power efficiency making the Air a good choice for anyone looking for a reliable laptop for everyday work.

MacBook Pro 13 (M1 / M2)

The 13-inch MacBook Pro is a step above the Air. Most of the specs are the same across the two. However, the Pro model brings active cooling, which the Air lacks. As a result, the MacBook Pro 13 can sustain top-level performance for more prolonged periods, although it houses the same chip as the Air. It makes the 13-inch MacBook Pro more appealing to people with heavy workloads. This includes freelancers as well as students getting into content creation and such.  The 13-inch MacBook Pro is available in two flavors in Nepal, the only difference being the chip on the inside. Usually, people go with the M1-powered model as the performance gap between the two is not that great. However, there are people who always want the latest, and they go for the model with the M2 chip.

MacBook Air (M2)

The MacBook Pro 13 may have active cooling, but Apple has not changed the laptop for a while. So it was easily overshadowed when the company announced the redesigned MacBook Air (M2). The M2-powered MacBook Air moves away from the traditional wedge design with a more boxy form factor. It also has an improved Liquid Retina display with 500 nits of brightness and a notch mimicking the more premium Pros. The notch houses a 1080p FaceTime camera. Likewise, it also has a MagSafe port, so the Type-C ports are available even during charging. At the latest WWDC, Apple announced a 15-inch MacBook Air powered by the M2 chip, the biggest Air in the lineup’s history. Besides the bigger display, it packs a bigger battery and boasts a better audio setup. It is not yet available in Nepal, so we will have to wait to see how it is received by the market.

MacBook Pro (14 / 16)

The 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pros are the most powerful Apple laptops you can buy in Nepal. These are priced higher than the other MacBook models, and it's because they are Apple’s flagship product equipped with all bells and whistles. To begin with, they are equipped with the most powerful Apple silicon chips. The Max and Ultra chips in these laptops are much beefier than the regular M1 and M. In addition, you get the best displays in the Liquid Retina XDR with 120Hz ProMotion and mini-LED backlight. They also have studio-quality audio setups making them a preferred option for experienced content creators.

Which Apple MacBook should you buy in Nepal?

With all the options available in Nepal, you may not know which MacBook to get. Don’t worry. We have got you covered. Let’s start with the MacBook Air. Since it is designed for everyday work, it is best suited for students and professionals who don’t need a lot of power. The M2 chip is the latest one, but you can also go with M1 if you want more value for money. After all, it still holds up to this day. Then there is the 13-inch MacBook Pro which features the same chips as the Air, but they can handle more demanding tasks with active cooling. However, they differ from the 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pros, designed with experienced professionals in mind.

Why buy Apple MacBook over Windows laptops in Nepal?

The MacBook ship with Apple’s own MacOS, whereas Windows laptops stick to the latest version of Windows OS. The two operating systems are built differently, and one can have their own preference, but it is not the only thing that separates the two user bases. MacBook and Windows laptops differ in multiple ways, which you must consider before deciding on one. The difference between a MacBook and Windows laptop is not limited to the operating system.

Design and Build

Apple focuses as much on design as it does on the performance of its product. You can find uniformity among its different product lineups, which is true with its laptops. All MacBooks sport a robust metal build. On the other hand, the build on a Windows laptop varies widely between the type of laptop and the price. While premium Windows laptops can match the quality of MacBook, not all do.


All of Apple’s current lineup features the in-house M-series chip. These chips are based on ARM and act differently than the x86 processors on their Windows laptops. ARM chips offer an exceptional power-to-performance ratio that Apple has been able to scale up successfully. While x86 processors pack a lot of power, they can not be scaled down for low-demanding tasks. As a result, they usually have inferior battery life.  On the other hand, ARM chips pack everything from CPU, GPU to memory on a single die. As a result, it is impossible to upgrade memory and storage down the line. Windows fare a lot better in this regard.


When it comes to gaming, Windows is the only option you have. The gaming options on Windows outmatch not just macOS but every other operating system. That said, Apple is finally taking steps to allow users to game on MacBook. However, it will take some time before it materializes.


All Apple products are connected to its ecosystem, which also includes the MacBooks. Going for MacBook is a no-brainer if you have already invested in the Apple ecosystem. On the other hand, if you are not already in an ecosystem and don’t plan to get in, you might not make the most out of the MacBook.

Apple Laptops Price List (2023)

Apple MacBook Model Price in Nepal (Range)
MacBook Air (M1) Rs. 137,900
MacBook Air (M2) Rs. 184,900 – Rs. 239,900
MacBook Air 15 (M2) Rs. 210,000 – Rs. 243,000
MacBook Pro 13 (M1) Rs. 189,000 – Rs. 219,000
MacBook Pro 13 (M2) Rs. 189,000 – Rs. 275,000
MacBook Pro 14 (M1 Pro) Rs. 280,000 – Rs. 355,000
MacBook Pro 16 (M1 Pro) Rs. 355,000 – Rs. 510,000
MacBook Pro 14 (M2 Pro/Max) Rs. 336,000 – Rs. 518,000
MacBook Pro 16 (M2 Pro/Max) Rs. 420,000 – Rs. 586,000