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Infinix Mobile Price List

Take a look at the latest range of smartphones introduced by Infinix in the Nepali market. Infinix manufactures smartphones in multiple countries such as France, India, Indonesia, South Korea, China, Pakistan, and Egypt. The firm claims to have local branches in over 60 countries. The brand is mostly popular due to its wide range of smartphones that accommodate different budgets, including affordable options, mid-range devices, and higher-priced models. The admired Series of Infinix are Note, Hot, and Smart (while there exists other series as well). Smart series are mostly budget phones, Hot offers mid-range to higher price range mobiles while Note is usually on the higher sides. In Nepal, Infinix has recently launched the Smart 7 HD, a budget mobile that offers enough features and storage for its price range.

To help you choose the best phone for your requirement, here is a complete list of Infinix mobiles available in the Nepali market, including the current pricing in Nepal and detailed specifications.

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Infinix Mobile Price List

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Infinix: Brand Overview

Infinix is a relatively new player in the smartphone market. Despite its recent entry (from 2013), it has made a significant impact with its innovative smartphone lineup, bringing a major transformation in smartphone markets. It is a Hongkong based smartphone manufacturer with its headquarters in Shenzen. Infinix emerged when Transsion Holdings acquired Sagem Wireless. Infinix focuses on millennials and offers budget-friendly smartphones designed specifically for them. The company understands the preferences and needs of millennials - aims to make advanced technology accessible to them at an affordable price.  It aims to bridge the gap between the desire for budget-friendly smartphones and the unmet demand by offering affordable devices with desirable features and specifications, all while embracing its slogan "The future is now." 

Infinix in Nepal

In Nepal, Infinix has gained immense popularity with its three series: Smart, Hot, and Note. The brand made its entry into the Nepali market with the Smart 4, and since then, numerous Infinix phones have become widely popular. There are 3 official distributors of Infinix smartphones in Nepal - Sarathi Enterprises, Kratos Technologies, and Ola Electronics. They have been continuously working to make Infinix smartphones easily available in Nepal.  Every other series of Infinix are most of the time budget and mid-range phones since it recognizes that many consumers in the markets are looking for feature-rich smartphones at affordable prices. Currently, the following smartphones are available in Nepal.

Infinix Smart Series

The Smart series offers budget phones with essential features and decent performance. In Nepal, the series debuted with Infinix Smart 4. As of now, Infinix offers 12 Smart Series models globally. While they may not offer the most powerful specifications, they still deliver reliable performance for day-to-day tasks such as calling, messaging, web browsing, and social media usage.

Infinix Hot Series

The Hot series is widely renowned and holds great popularity in Nepal, especially because of its mid-range offerings. It has a balanced price-to-performance ratio. Infinix Hot devices often feature larger displays, more powerful processors, improved camera setups, and enhanced battery life compared to the Smart series.

Infinix Note Series

This series lies at a mid to higher range compared to other Infinix series. These smartphones offer higher performance and storage which makes it an appealing choice for individuals who seek a high-performance smartphone with premium features and are willing to invest in a mid-to-higher range device.

Service Centers of Infinix in Nepal

As mentioned before, Ola Electronics works as the official distributor of Infinix products in Nepal. If there are any queries regarding the service or product not working properly, you can contact Ola Electronics at [email protected]. There are dozens of pickup points where people can get their Infinix phones repaired. Some of the contacts associated with Infinix service centers:

Infinix Mobile Price in Nepal 2023 [Summary]

Model Best Buying Price
Infinix Smart 7 HD (2+64GB) Rs. 11,799
Infinix Smart 6 HD (2+32GB) Rs. 11,999
Infinix Smart 6 (2+32GB) Rs. 12,999
Infinix Smart 30 (4+64GB) Rs. 14,499
Infinix Smart 6 (3+64GB) Rs. 14,999
Infinix Hot 12i (4+64GB) Rs. 15,599 
Infinix Hot 12 Play (4+64GB) Rs. 16,699
Infinix Hot 12 Play (4+128GB) Rs. 18,299
Infinix Hot 12 (6+128GB) Rs. 21,999
Infinix Hot 12 Pro (6+64GB) Rs. 19,899 
Infinix Note 12 (6+128GB) Rs. 25,999

Infinix in Nepal: Conclusion

Nepal has become one of the mass consumers of Infinix over a period of time. Its commitment to offering affordable and feature-rich smartphones has positioned it as a significant player in the Nepali market, providing consumers with accessible technology that meets their needs. Though mostly on the budget side, every other smartphone offers a slight finish of French touch making it appear much more premium. The product of Infinix can be easily purchased from different online platforms in Nepal, for instance; Daraz, and Hukut.