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OPPO Mobile Price List

Check out the latest price of all OPPO mobile phones available in the market in this list. OPPO is one of the largest smartphone makers in the world. The company is mainly known for its camera-centric phones and celebrity endorsements to promote its products. It is a subsidiary of BBK Electronics, which also includes other smartphone companies like Vivo. OPPO has a couple of subsidiaries of its own as well: Realme and OnePlus. The company sells all kinds of smartphones; be it budget or flagship devices with cutting-edge technology. OPPO recently entered the foldable space with the Find N as well. The device received positive praise from almost every media outlet even though it was exclusive to the Chinese market. It addressed almost all drawbacks of the reigning foldable champ, the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3; all the while being easier on the wallet. OPPO’s Find series of flagship, Reno series of premium mid-range, and F series of mid-range phones have their fair share of market dominance too. In this list, you’ll find the specifications and a quick overview alongside OPPO mobile price in Nepal.

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OPPO Mobile Phones Price List (Latest models)

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OPPO: Brand Overview

OPPO is a Chinese smartphone manufacturer that also sells smart devices, power banks, and audio products. It was launched in 2004 and expanded to over 50 countries by 2023. OPPO is one of the major players in the global smartphone market ranking No. 5 in market share in 2019. OPPO's Brand Slogan is " Inspiration Ahead" stemming from their value of "Benfen" which roughly translates to " doing one's part to be dutiful to one's role." On their website, Oppo states " The current age is full of challenges and uncertainty. To believe in 'Inspiration Ahead' is to believe that the future is promising. Just as we encourage everyone to brave the difficulties, OPPO will stick to the right thing and never sacrifice quality for speed."

OPPO in Nepal

OPPO entered Nepal in 2016 through its authorized distributor, Telecell Pvt. Ltd. Unlike other brands, OPPO maintains consistent prices for its smartphones in Nepal, aligning with markets like India and China. The company focuses on offline sales but also offers select models online. OPPO offers a wide range of series in Nepal, priced from Rs. 15,000 to nearly Rs. 50,000. The affordable A-series is popular, while the design and camera-focused F-series are a great choice in the mid-range segment. Introduced in 2018, the Reno series provides premium mid-range features. Unfortunately, the Find series is yet to debut in Nepal. With its strong distribution network and diverse smartphone options, OPPO has quickly become a popular brand in Nepal, catering to various budgets and preferences.

OPPO A Series

OPPO offers its budget-midrange options under the A series. They can start anywhere from 15k NPR and go up to 30k NPR. Generally speaking, these have large HD screens and massive batteries fueling them. They have decent camera systems and generic designs. Their chipsets are capable enough for everyday tasks but nothing more. So these prove to be great choices for budget-conscious buyers looking for an enjoyable package.

OPPO F Series

The F Series is home to OPPO's midrange smartphones. These have a clear focus on 'camera' and 'design'. As such, you will find many software features, as well as camera hardware that improve the overall camera experience. Smaller bezels, premium feeling build & finishes paired with brilliant OLED panels make the user experience joyous. However, they may not be the best price-to-value phones when it comes to performance.

OPPO Reno Series

Introduced in 2018, the Reno moniker is associated with OPPO flagships. They sport premium build quality and appealing designs. Reno phones have all the bells and whistles like high-quality, fluid AMOLED displays, flagship-grade chipsets, and super fast charging speeds. But undoubtedly, their focus on cameras is what separates them from the crowd. OIS-supported main cameras, paired with a bunch of other sensors like ultrawide, telephoto, macro, etc make the Reno camera systems capable of almost any kind of mobile photography.

OPPO Find Series

One truly for the enthusiasts, OPPO also sells Find devices sub-categorized into Find X and Find N phones. Find X phones are specced out with all the latest in the market without any consideration for price. As such they are the absolute best you can get from OPPO and compete with Pro phones like Samsung's Ultra lineup. But Find N is a little different. This lineup is for foldables - devices that can switch from an Android phone to a tablet-like experience and flips- devices that can shut from an Android phone form factor to a clamshell. These have a smaller screen on the outside that can open up to a larger screen on the inside. Some compromises have to be made to accommodate all that tech and generally speaking, it's the battery and performance who take the brunt of that impact. Unfortunately, due to the lack of demand and expectedly high price in Nepal, Oppo Find Mobiles are unavailable here.

OPPO Service Centres in Nepal

OPPO has a total of 6 service centers, located in key cities of Nepal. They provide 1 year of free service on software and 6 months on battery. However, as compared to Xiaomi and Samsung, the price of its spare parts are comparatively lower. You can find the price of OPPO spare parts in Nepal here. [su_table]
S.N.  OPPO Service Centre City     Contact Number Address  
1 Kathmandu 16600166778/      9808130417 Kamalpokhar, City Center, 2nd Floor, S10
2 Kathmandu 16600188886/ 9808130417/  9851210623 Sundhara, CTC Mall, 5th Floor, Units 606 and 606 A
3 Pokhara 9840411563 Mobile Tower, Mahendrapul, Pokhara, Nepal
4 Chitwan 9823041984 Lions Chok, Narayangarh, KL Mall, 2nd Floor
5 Itahari 9823041990 Sunsari district, Itahari, Near Koshi College
6 Nepalgunj 9823041969 Beside Nepalgunj Medical College, Near Bright Future School, Koriyanpur- 12

OPPO Mobile Phones Price List (2023)

Oppo Mobiles List Price in Nepal
OPPO A1k Rs. 15,490 (2+32GB)
Oppo A12 Rs. 14,990 (3+32GB)
Oppo A15 Rs. 18,590  (3+32GB)
Oppo A15s Rs. 21,990 (4+64GB)
Oppo A16k Rs. 15,990 (3+32GB)
Oppo A16 Rs. 22,990  (4+64GB)
Oppo A17K Rs. 14,999 (3+64GB)
Oppo A17 Rs. 19,999 (4+64GB)
Oppo A31 Rs. 26,590 (4+128GB)
Oppo A52 Rs. 29,990 (4+128GB)
Oppo A53 Rs. 22,990 (4+64GB)
Oppo A54 Rs. 25,990  (4+128GB)
Oppo A57 Rs. 23,499  (4+64GB)
Oppo A76 Rs. 29,990  (6+128GB)
Oppo A77 Rs. 25999  (4+128GB)
Oppo A77s Rs. 30,999 (8+128GB)
Oppo F19 Rs. 31,990 (6+128GB)
Oppo F19 Pro Rs. 35,990 (8+128GB)
Oppo F21 Pro Rs. 39,999 (8+128GB)

OPPO in Nepal: Conclusion

In Nepal, OPPO has gained a strong reputation as a highly trusted & sought-after smartphone brand. By focusing on affordability and feature-packed devices, OPPO has emerged as a prominent contender in the Nepali market, catering to the needs of consumers with accessible technology. Purchasing OPPO products is convenient, as they are readily available on popular online platforms such as Daraz and Hukut. Moreover, over 70% of Nepalese Smartphone stores sell OPPO devices so finding a retail outlet is a piece of cake.