PhotoScan by Google : Easiest way to digitize your old photos

What do we do for keeping memories? Well, obviously we take photos and that is not something new. We've been taking photos long way...
Nepali language in Android Devices

Nepali Language in Android Devices

How many of you have used Nepali Language in Android Devices? You might have used many electronic devices till date. Even though using mother language is...

Six Useful Android Apps You Probably Don’t Know About

Android is an open operating system. Lately, the app numbers have increased rapidly giving us choices in each and every category. There are thousands...
top applications pc laptops

Top 5 Applications you need to install on your new Gaming PC/Laptop (Beginner Edition)

Welcome to the PC Master Race!! Getting a new gaming PC or laptop can be a very joyful, happy and exciting time. Unboxing it,...

This app lets you root any android device with just one click

A group of Android developers from China have developed an Android-based application that can root any Android devices running any version of Android with...

Get 50% more browsing hours with the new Opera Browser

Opera Browser is probably not the first thing that comes to your mind when it comes to desktop browsers. We all have loved and...

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