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electric airliners

Electric Airliners – Can this be the future of travel?

With the world finally becoming aware of Global Warming, electric vehicles have gained quite the momentum. Also, there are even Solar vehicles in the...
Tesla Model Y

Tesla Model Y: Tesla’s second SUV that can fit 7 people at once

You must know Tesla, the revolutionizing electric car company. The company launched its latest car very recently. The Tesla Model Y is the company's...
Ducati Zero

Ducati to make electric motorcycles, says the “Future is Electric”

Ducati didn't just confirm its plans of manufacturing electric motorcycles, but the bike is actually close to starting production. In a Spanish event, the company's...
niu n1s scooter review

Niu N1s Electric Scooter Review: A powerful eco friendly vehicle

“If aliens did visit us, I'd be embarrassed to tell them we still dig up fossil fuels from the ground as a source of...