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Nepal Budget 2077/78 - ICT Sector

Nepal Budget 2077/78: A look into what’s in store for the ICT sector!

Like clockwork, Nepal Government announced the budget for the fiscal year 2077/78 (2020-21 A.D) yesterday. With an improbably ambitious goal of 7% economic growth...
kaspersky antivirus nepal 2018 price

Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2018 edition launched in Nepal

At a time when personal computers and smartphones are getting vulnerable as ever, there is a need for a proper protection against all these...
ICT Awards 2017 in Nepal

ICT Awards 2017: Best innovative entrepreneurs honored

With an aim to credit the talents of the ICT sector, Living with ICT hosted the second iteration of the ICT awards 2017. The...

Your 4G Enabled Smartphone can be HIJACKED and hackers can pretend to be you!

Using your smartphone for bank transactions, e-mails, messages, phone calls and web searches have become quite normal and essential for us these days, don’t...

ICT 2014| Electronics and Branding expo | REVIEW

The ICT 2014 Electronics and Branding Expo, for the 7th time, was successfully held at the Bhrikuti Mandap Exhibition Hall from April 24 to April 28. ICT is one of the biggest tech events of Nepal. So, let me guide you to the overview of what happened at ICT and different stalls at ICT

ICT Expo 2014 Live Hands on Review

ICT Expo 2014 Live Hands on Review Click here to see all the videos of ICT Expo 2014

PRESS EVENT-ICT Electronics and Branding Expo

We were at the ICT Electronics and Branding Expo 2014 press event to get to know about the details of the event. The event as we...

ICT Electronics and Branding Expo to be held from April 24

ICT Association of Nepal will be holding their seventh ICT Electronics and Branding Expo at the Bhrikuti Mandap Exhibition Hall from April 24 to April 28.