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iPhone 13 Series Price in Nepal

Apple unveiled its latest iPhone 13 series in Sept and after a month of its official announcement, these phones are now available for pre-booking in Nepal. Like last year, we have 4 products in the iPhone 13 series. It includes the iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Mini, iPhone 13 Pro, and iPhone 13 Pro Max. 

iPhone 13 Series Price in Nepal

iPhone 13 Model Official Price (RRP)
iPhone 13 Mini (128GB) Rs. 120,990
iPhone 13 Mini (256GB) Rs. 137,990
iPhone 13 Mini (512GB) Rs. 171,990
iPhone 13 (128GB) Rs. 137,990
iPhone 13 (256GB) Rs. 154,990
iPhone 13 (512GB) Rs. 189,990
iPhone 13 Pro (128GB) Rs. 174,990
iPhone 13 Pro (256GB) Rs. 189,990
iPhone 13 Pro (512GB) Rs. 224,990
iPhone 13 Pro (1TB) Rs. 255,990
iPhone 13 Pro Max (128GB) Rs. 189,990
iPhone 13 Pro Max (256GB) Rs. 205,990
iPhone 13 Pro Max (512GB) Rs. 239,990
iPhone 13 Pro Max (1TB) Rs. 274,990

Where to Buy iPhone 13 series in Nepal

You can buy the iPhone 13 series in Nepal from select retail shops all over Nepal. Make sure, the box packaging has Gen Nxt and MPIA hologram which indicates the genuinity of the device. Buying an iPhone from these authorised sellers means you get 1 year of breakage insurance, original VAT bill, and one year warranty.

iPhone 13 Series Overview

Here, the iPhone 13 Pro and 13 Pro Max share identical specs with the difference being only the display size and the battery capacity. These “Pro” models also come with a 120Hz refresh rate display and a new camera sensor with new features like Cinematic mode, and Photographic styles.  The vanilla iPhone 13 and the 13 Mini are cheaper offerings from the company and hence have a slower 60Hz screen, last year’s camera hardware, and aluminium frames (Pro variants have more robust Stainless steel).

Anyway, the biggest reason to go with the Pro model this year has to be the 120Hz refresh rate support, which Apple calls ProMotion. I am still a little salty about the lacking Always-on Display support, but the company has ultimately caved into the high refresh rate bandwagon on the 13 Pro and Pro Max, which might be a big reason for the last-gen iPhone owners to even considering upgrading this early.

As expected, iPhone 13 Pro’s OLED display is adaptive. That is, it can shift between 10 and 120Hz depending on the content, just like some of the high-end Android flagship phones. But looking at Apple’s track record and its tight grip on custom hardware and software solutions, I’m expecting it to be better implemented here.

Likewise, this adaptive refresh rate should also contribute to better battery endurance if you watch video content a lot. The iPhone 13 Pro is rated to last for up to 20 hours under video streaming, which is about 80% more compared to 11 hours of video streaming on the iPhone 12 Pro.

Plus, Apple’s entry into the high refresh rate trend also means exciting mobile gaming capabilities. That, complemented with the A15 Bionic’s improved GPU performance further cements the iPhone 13 Pro as a powerful gaming phone.

One thing to note is that the Pro models in the iPhone 13 series have 5-core GPU, contrary to 4-core GPU on the standard iPhone 13 and 13 Mini. It is similar to what Apple does with its MacBook Air and Pro lineup, but I think this was needless and a bit of a slap-on-the-face for the regular iPhone 13.

On top of this, you get superior camera capabilities on the 13 Pro and Pro Max too. Aided by the new Image Signal Processor and a more powerful neural engine, these iPhones introduce something called “ProRes” videos. Coming this fall, it’s a lossy video compression format that’s popular with editing software like Apple’s own Final Cut Pro X, Adobe Premiere Pro, and Davinci Resolve. The main benefit of shooting in ProRes is the better retention of image quality and color than H.264 and H.265 compression algorithms on past iPhones.

Besides recording in ProRes, the iPhone 13 Pro series lets you edit them on the smartphone itself. Now, we have been relying on H.264 codecs for all our videos so it’ll be interesting to play around with ProRes. Interestingly, the 128GB storage variants of these phones are capped to 1080p/30fps ProRes recording whereas the higher capacity models even support 4K/30fps.

Another new video recording feature that’s caught my eye is the “Cinematic Mode”. Mimicking the “rack focus” technique that filmmakers use to convey depth and emphasis on a scene, the iPhone 13 series takes pro-grade filmmaking from smartphones to the next level. Under this, the camera can automatically switch focus between the foreground and background elements on a frame—or you can do it manually if you’d want as well. Although it’s limited to 1080p/30fps resolution, for now, I’m sure I’m gonna have a lot of fun using the Cinematic Mode.

Moreover, Apple says you can shift between subject focus or bokeh levels even after recording a video for the ultimate creative control, as the camera also records a depth map alongside the video. By default, this mode records in Dolby Vision HDR—and you can edit both ProRes and Cinematic Mode videos using the Photos or the iMovie app.

Aside from a couple of supreme video recording features, Apple has also given the back camera setup on the iPhone 13 series a fresh overhaul. While the iPhone 13 and 13 Mini gets an upgrade with the lens and sensor-shift technology from last year’s 12 Pro Max, the 13 Pro and 13 Pro Max get even better camera setups.

Here, the primary wide camera now uses a larger f/1.5 aperture lens with 1.9 µm pixels. As a result, Apple is promising up to 1.5x better low-light photography with reduced noise, coming from the 12 Pro Max. More importantly, Apple claims that the new 6-element f/1.8 ultrawide lens can now capture as much as 92% more light. Plus, this autofocus-enabled ultra-wide camera also introduces macro photography on these phones with a focus distance as low as 2cm.

The third 12MP telephoto camera now uses a 77mm f/2.8 lens that delivers 3x optical zoom—contrary to the 65mm f/2.2 lens capable of up to 2.5x optical zoom on the iPhone 12 Pro Max.

Moving on, the new iPhones also bring the upgraded Smart HDR 4 algorithm to better adjust highlights, shadows, and contours when shooting photos under relatively bright conditions. Furthermore, the “Photographic Styles” feature can now intelligently apply different adjustments to selective areas of a photo—instead of the whole image like a filter. Apparently, you can even set presets that apply to every image you click, rather than having to edit them one by one.

Oh, and the aforementioned features like ProRes video, Cinematic Mode, Photographic Styles, are available on the selfie camera as well. While that’s definitely something to cherish, Apple still isn’t done with the ugly bathtub notch—even though it’s managed to shrink it narrower by 20% on the iPhone 13 series.

Besides the stellar camera capability, the iPhone 13 Pro also gets all the premium treatment as its “Max” counterpart this time. If you recall, the 12 Pro Max last year had a better camera setup than the 12 Pro. But the main reason why I’m favouring the 13 Pro over the Max is the fact that it is also considerably lighter. At 204 grams, although the iPhone 13 Pro is still 10% heavier than its predecessor, however, the 13 Pro Max is significantly hefty at 240 grams—and I even had trouble using the 12 Pro Max that weighed 228 grams.

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