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Samsung Galaxy M31 review

Samsung Galaxy M31 Review: A Stellar midrange Camera Phone!

The new Galaxy M31 is probably the most hyped mid-range phone from Samsung this year! So, Let's find out if the Galaxy M31 is worth buying in our full review!
Mi Note 10 Lite Review

Mi Note 10 Lite Review: An unorthodox Xiaomi smartphone!

We all know that Xiaomi is very good at making a budget, mid-range, and flagship killer phones. However, we see very few Xiaomi phones...
Oppo F15 Review

Oppo F15 Long Term Review: Design & Camera over Performance

Oppo F15 is the latest device under the F-series to launch in Nepal. Over the years, Oppo has been pretty successful with its F-series...
Samsung Galaxy M21 Review

Samsung Galaxy M21 Review: Better than the Realme 6?

So, I have been using the Samsung Galaxy M21 for over a month now. Its predecessor, the Galaxy M20 that was launched back in...
OPPO Reno 3 review

OPPO Reno 3 review: Camera is the Charm!

The OPPO Reno 3 is the latest premium mid-range smartphone to have launched in Nepal. It is the successor of OPPO's last year's Reno...
Realme C3 review

Realme C3 Review: Best Budget Gaming phone?

When it comes to midrange phones, consumers have a lot of options to choose from. Despite that, I feel like there are very few...
Realme X2 Long-Term Review

Realme X2 Long-Term Review: A standout Premium phone you should buy

So, with the recent launch of the “new” Realme 6 and 6 Pro, I wondered if the Realme X2 is still relevant to this...
Samsung Galaxy s20 review

Samsung Galaxy S20 Review: Something new, something amazing!

For the first time, in a long time (and I mean in a very long time), Samsung’s flagship phones are finally a breath of...
POCO X2 Long-Term Review Price in Nepal

POCO X2 Long-Term Review: #SmoothAndFast is right!

The POCO X2 has been out for a little over a month now & I thought I should use it for some extended time...
Honor MagicWatch 2 Review

Honor MagicWatch 2 Review: A fashionable “smart” watch

From having to rely on separate accessories for a variety of functions to cramming them all into a pocketable gadget, humanity sure has come...