DAX Wallet and Levit8 (Portable Laptop Stand) Launched in Nepal

    Honor X9b Ad
    Honor X9b Ad

    Sammy traders came forward to be the distributor of the Allocacoc products in Nepal and had promised to launch five new Allocacoc products on the last day of CAN InfoTech 2017. Among the five, two of them now are available for purchase right away. The two products that arrived on the market are DAX wallet and Levit8 (Portable Laptop Stand). They are currently available on Sastodeal (Sammy’s online partner) and Lowest Retailer (Sammy’s Offline Partner in Kathmandu Valley).

    DAX Wallet

    DAX Wallet is a slim and nifty wallet with water repellant body. It consists of five thin plastic compartments to keep track of your cards (visiting cards, identity card, credit cards, etc). The name wallet does not hold true if it just holds cards. So, in order to hold the money, a small pocket has also been provided. This wallet is also provided with a small magnetic strip, which adheres with another magnet attached to the wallet and locks it. This lock prevents the falling of cards from the compartments. This wallet is thin and light too, and hence avoids the conspicuous sag and lump on your pocket. DAX Wallet is available on SastoDeal with blue, gray and orange color variants and cost Rs. 950 for a one.

    Levit8 (Portable Laptop Stand)

    Nowadays, many of us use laptops. And the back pain due to incorrect posture while using them is another big problem. This problem not only keeps us tired but also decreases our productivity. To help us get away with this problem, a group of creative designers came up with an idea of Levit8. Levit8 seems like a fatter version of a leaflet, which can turn into a portable laptop stand. The leaves of the Levit8 should be crossed and twisted to make it a laptop stand. On this stand, more than twenty laptops can be adjusted. This laptop stand is lighter in weight. So you will not feel burden while carrying it. In addition, the material used in this laptop stand is water repellent and stain free. So you can also use this laptop stand as a shield to protect your laptop. On the SastoDeal, there are three variants of Levit8 available and the respective cost of them are Rs. 2,290, Rs. 2,590 and Rs. 2,890 respectively.