TV signals to go Digital by 2074: Here are the few alternatives of Digital TVs in Nepal

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    With respect to the deadline set by the International Telecommunication Union of the United Nations (UN), the Government of Nepal began the process of migrating to digital television by amending the National Broadcasting Act 1993 and National Telecommunications Act 1995 in 2012. Due to the devastating earthquake and also the lack of preparation from the government, the private and public sector in the country, this plan had not really come into action. Despite these setbacks, the Government came to a conclusion of digitizing all cable TV operators in the country at the beginning of 2074.

    A lot of issues came to light after this declaration by the government. Majority of which was to deal with how to aware the public regarding this subject and how to make sure that all preparations for the digital transmission had been made. Now, a majority of the cable operators have switched to digitization. This digital cable connection has provided the customers with a clear connection and high definition channels. If you are an avid TV viewer but haven’t yet switched from your analog connection then, it is high time that you make the shift to the digital system. If you delay this even more now then you will probably have to be prepared to miss out on your favorite TV shows.

    To make your “analog to digital” shift easier, here we have a list of digital cable service providers:


    dish-home digital tv in Nepal

    The pioneer of digital broadcasting in Nepal: DishHome was launched in Nepal in 2009 and has now spread to all 75 districts in the country. Run by a pool of highly trained professionals, the company now has a nationwide coverage with 80 distributors and approximately 2000 sub-distributors. This digital satellite broadcasting company has a secured, strong content portfolio that also includes numerous well known international brands. With the tagline “Delightful Lifestyle”, DishHome has been putting in tremendous effort to deliver quality content to its costumers while keeping in mind other key concerns such as reliability, consistently excellent network delivery, customer service and so forth.

    DishHome currently has HD and Standard packages available, which are priced and categorized as:

    Standard Package:

    Medium Rs. 13.34 per day
    Deluxe Rs. 16.67 per day
    Basic Plus Rs. 12.50 per day
    Medium Plus Rs. 14.17 per day
    Deluxe Plus Rs. 17.50 per day

    HD Package:

    Lifestyle HD Rs. 30 per day

    To learn more about the available offers and deals from DishHome, visit their website here.


    Net-TV-Digital TV in Nepal

    NET TV is an OTT/IPTV platform in Nepal operated under NITV STREAMZ PVT LTD. Also, this is the first IPTV service provider in the country to get the Nepal Government license to Operate IPTV in the country. More than being just a service provider, NetTV is also continuously looking for possible business collaborations by developing an open platform for everyone to bring their contents and sell. Also, the company makes sure that quality content is delivered to the customers with a variety of entertainment choices and also quality streaming. To do this, the company has set up distribution clouds among local ISPs. Doing this has also made it easier for the customers to get full HD content without any additional internet traffic.

    Net TV users can access live TV channels, movies, recorded TV and on-demand video content through a variety of platforms such as smartphones, tablets, Chrome cast, and Apple TV. Recently, additional services like Ultra High Definition, UDF Quality, and IPTV Service, with 4K video streaming have been announced to enhance the viewers’ experience. Presently, NetTV has associations with Vianet Communications and Worldlink Communications to provide IPTV services to the general public.

    NetTV by Vianet Communications:

    One month Rs. 3,144 
    Three months Rs. 4,124
    Six months Rs. 5,594
    Twelve months Rs. 8,534

    All these prices include the price for the set-top box but are excluding of the 13% VAT.

    NetTV by Worldlink Communications:

    One month Rs. 450
    Two  months + One month free Rs. 900
    Nine months + Three months free Rs. 4,050

    The set-top box charge for these packages is Rs. 2,400 and these prices are exclusive of the 13% VAT.



    Speaking of struggling Digital TV service providers, one can barely miss out on HamroTV. HamroTV stepped foot in the Nepali market with a promise to provide 4K digital TV service to the customers, when other service providers are only focusing on SD and HD channels. Currently, the company has 175 SD channels, 50 HD channels and 6 ultra HD 4k channels up for offer. The company claims to be the first in Nepal to offer DTH, Digital Cable TV and High-Speed Internet from a single source.

    If you are looking for the ultimate viewing experience, your search ends here.

    HamroTV – Digital TV packages:

    Basic Rs. 265
    Medium Rs. 354
    Deluxe Rs. 442
    Economy Rs. 1,500 for three months

    Clear TV:

    CLEAR-TV Digital TV In Nepal

    In collaboration with Subisu, Clear TV comes with not just cable TV service but also offers broadband internet service to the customers on existing copper cable network. With over 200 Digital and HD Channels under its hood, Clear TV Service is now the topmost HD and Digital channels provider. With exciting offers that include both internet and TV channels over the same communication channel.

    Some of the available packages here are FTTH Internet and cable TV combo, Internet and TV combo, cable Internet and cable TV combo and so forth.

    Subisu Clear TV packages:

    Clear TV : 12 months Rs. 8,999
    Clear TV : 6 months Rs. 5,699
    Clear TV : 2 months Rs. 1,999
    Cable Internet and cable TV: 12 months Rs. 23,999
    Cable Internet and cable TV: 6 months Rs. 13,999
    Cable Internet and cable TV: 3 months Rs. 8,999
    FTTH Internet and cable TV: 12 months Rs. 23,999
    FTTH Internet and cable TV: 6 months Rs. 13,999
    FTTH Internet and cable TV: 3 months Rs. 8,999

    SIM TV:


    Simple Media Network Pvt. Ltd (SIMTV Nepal) is one of the largest MSO and Cable Broadband Service providers in Nepal. The company has been providing digital viewing experience and quality audio to the customers. Taking an initiative to the digitization drive in the TV broadcasting system in the country, the company currently provides over 150 SD channels and over 35 HD channels along with numerous exclusive contents to the viewers. They aim to be the largest broadcast and broadband service provider in Nepal who operate nationwide and provide quality services to the customers in urban as well as rural households.

    SD channel package:

    Price Rs. 350
    Installation Charge FREE

    HD channel package:

    Package Price
    Ultra Rs. 350 – Rs. 500 (additional installation charge)
    Pro Rs. 350 – Rs. 550 (additional installation charge)

    All these IPTV service providers have a wide range of packages and offer available for the customers. Make sure that you go through all of them and be sure about the things like what channels you want to watch on your TV, how many TVs you need to operate at home, what is the installation charge and which of these provide the best value for money.

    The digitization drive is real and strong! Digitize!