Honda’s Rider Assist: A bike that doesn’t fall (CES 2017)

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    Honda has unveiled “Rider Assist” at CES 2017. This new motorbike from Honda is one of a kind that can balance itself. Yes, those who just started riding a bike know how hard it is to balance it at slow speeds. But now, balancing a motorcycle that is running at slow speed or is stationary has got easier.

    This new self-balancing motorcycle from Honda doesn’t rely on heavy gyroscopes to balance itself. Rather it relies on robotics. It balances in a similar way as Honda’s Uni-Cub mobility and Asimo Robot. When the speed is slower than 3 mph the front fork is detached from the handle bar. Then the front wheel is rotated side to side by motorbike itself, just in the way cyclist does to avoid the cycle from falling even when it’s not moving.

    This is not the first time we have seen this kind of concept motorcycles. BMW has its own work going on for its Vision Next 100 concept bike. But this motorcycle looks promising. Since it looks like it’s just another motorcycle from Honda sporting traditional Honda design. It is amazing to see Honda coming with such cool tricks in a bike that looks as stunning as any Honda bikes.

    Not just self-balancing is the only feature in Honda’s Rider Assist. It does more than that. What it can do other than self-balancing is, it can even follow the owner by itself. The owner can make it follow to the parking lot or anywhere else they can think of. It looks so cool to see a bike riding on its own and following a person. It looks like the future already.

    This Honda Rider Assist is just a concept motorcycle. The Honda hasn’t given a word on when this cool new motorcycle will go to the production phase. We, the customers, have to wait a little longer to see this new tech rule the road.

    What do you think about this Rider Assist?? Will you want a motorcycle that can balance itself and can follow you on its own? Let us know in the comments.

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