Huawei Mate 9 Sets Benchmark on Guinness Book for Taking Selfies

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Following the trails of Apple and Samsung, Huawei has been another leading name in the list to own global smartphones market share. In Nepal too, Huawei is the second smartphone manufacturer to possess smartphones market share. And all the credit goes to the better specs packed within the device since it justifies every penny paid for it. Proving the above experiment true, Huawei’s offspring, Mate 9 broke the record of Guinness Book for taking selfies.

A few days back, Huawei bagged eight awards in the CES. And keeping the winning spark alive, Huawei have now broken the record set in the Guinness Book for taking selfies. The record-breaking event took place at Palace Downtown Dubai. In the event, 160 high definition selfies of different persons were taken in the short interval of 180 seconds. The selfies were taken keeping Burj Khalifa as the backdrop. The record count shows nearly one high-definition selfie per second. This is obviously an incredible record, which has proven the implausible camera speed of Mate 9. This record surpassed the previous one by a far-fetched number of 38. Donnie Wahlberg followed by his companions in the Gulf of Mexico set the previous record. The record made the place in Guinness Book in 2016 with the number of selfie count equals to 122.

Talking about the Mate 9, the phone sports dual rear camera with an aperture of f/2.2, dual-tone flash, LASER AF, and OIS. The dual-lensed rear camera employs 20MP (Monochrome) and 12MP (RGB colors) lenses. And the merging algorithm equipped in the phone intelligently merges the colors from the RGB sensor and the details of the monochrome sensor. The phone is also capable of recording 4K videos. On the front side, the phone furnishes an 8MP secondary camera, which has f/1.9 aperture. Needless to mention about the speed of secondary camera since the camera has already created the record. For the detail specifications of the device, click here.

Mate 9 uses an impressive second-generation dual lens camera with 12-megapixel RGB sensor and 20-megapixel monochrome sensor which makes the phone perfect for the best photography results.

Through this record, Huawei has now set a difficult benchmark for the future attempters. More than that, this record also challenged other manufacturers to equip faster cameras on their phones.