Indian Police to use Pepper-Spraying Drones to control uncontrollable crowds

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    The Lucknow Police Department has confirmed that they will be using Pepper-Spraying Drones to control uncontrollable crowds. Lucknow, the capital city of the state of Uttar Pradesh in India, is a common place of constant rebel and clashes. Keeping that in mind, Pepper-Spraying Drones could be a valuable asset to control huge crowds.

    “The results were brilliant. We have managed to work out how to use it to precisely target the mob in winds and congested areas. Pepper is non-lethal but very effective in mob control. We can spray from different heights to have maximum results,” -Yashasvi Yadav, Police chief of Lucknow.

    The Lucknow police department is the first one in India to purchase five weaponised drones that can spray pepper on rowdy crowds. Each drone can carry a load of up to 2 Kilo grams and costs approx $9600 (Approx NRs.9,60,000).

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