Intel’s new computer memory is 1000 times faster than the traditional ones

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    The technology that Intel teased around one and a half year ago, is now a finished product. The Intel’s new computer memory has hit the market with the name “Optane SSD DC P4800X”. The first product of such kind has the memory capacity of 375GB that is priced at $1520. But this is currently limited in numbers and the availability is kind of limited as well. But the availability and the storage capacity is expected to go bigger with time.

    Intel 3D XPoint Technology: What is known so far

    This new computer memory from Intel is based on Intel’s 3D XPoint – pronounced as “Three-Dee-Cross-Point” technology. Intel has been keeping secrets on the 3D XPoint technology as they don’t want others to duplicate their innovation. So, there’s so less to share about how the system is made and how it works.

    To give an overview, this computer memory comprises the best of both the memory types: the SSD and the DRAM. So, it can be used as both the memory and the storage. According to Intel, this memory is 1000 times faster than traditional hard drives and can pack data 10 times more densely than traditional DRAMs.

    However, to unleash its real power, such computer memory is calling for the new computer architecture. Intel says it is already working with Big companies like Google, Facebook and Microsoft to help them design new computer architecture and operating system that works the best with Intel 3D XPoint.


    Intel’s betting big with this new breakthrough in computer memory technology. But it’s not us, the general users, that Intel’s targeting at. It’s the big cloud-based companies like Google, Facebook, and Microsoft. So, this might be the memory type today’s data centers are looking forward to. That said, we can expect some powerful gaming PCs that’ll be based on such computer memory.