Intel acquires Rivet Networks: Killer NIC to be part of Team Blue!

Intel's acquisition of Rivet
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Intel has announced that it has acquired Rivet for an undisclosed fee. It is an attempt from Intel to strengthen its wireless connectivity products. It is Intel’s latest investment in the Wi-Fi connectivity which the company is working on for the past twenty years. Read along to find out more about Intel’s acquisition of Rivet.

Rivet: Company Overview

It is a network card manufacturer. Major brands such as Dell, HP have implemented Rivet’s technology in their gaming laptops. Rivet Network started as Bigfoot Networks back in 2006. Qualcomm acquired the company for its Atheros drivers. Later Bigfoot Networks spun out of Qualcomm as Rivet Networks. Rivet then started working with brands like Intel and Realtek. Such partnerships eventually lead Rivet to their current success. Rivet is known for its Killer Network Cards. Gaming laptops use these cards for reduced latency.

Rivet Killer 1650x intel Ax200 collaboration partnership

Intel and Rivet have partnered earlier for the development of Killer Wireless AC 1550 and AX201.

Intel’s Acquisition of Rivet

Rivet Networks is now part of Wireless Solutions Group. All of Rivet’s products, including the Killer cards will join Intel’s Wi-Fi portfolio. Intel will license Rivet’s software to customers. Rivet’s hardware and the software will be developed alongside Intel’s Wi-Fi products to broaden Intel’s portfolio.

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Will it work out?

Given Rivet Network’s fall out from Qualcomm, people are wondering if this new acquisition will follow the same trajectory. The company spun out of Qualcomm as it didn’t allow them to develop their own products forward.

According to AnandTech, Eric McLaughlin (VP & GM of Wireless Group) has stated that the two companies’ visions are in alignment. Intel will allow the development of Killer technology on a scale that Rivet wasn’t able to do on its own. So what do you think? Will this acquisition help Intel gain a strong foothold on the industry once again? Comment down below.