Lenovo HW02 Smartband Review

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The  Lenovo HW02 is the newest version of Lenovo bands. It is a smart bracelet that helps you keep track of your health on a continuous basis, checking for physical indicators like sleep, number of steps you take and heart rate.

Apart from the other things this band offers, I was at the first sight, impressed by its looks. You can see for yourself, it looks very stylish on your wrists. You might want to take it off once you wear it.

lenovo HW02 smartband fitness tracker review nepal

It has a modestly large screen and the silicon straps give it a sleek finish. It is so light and comfortable that you don’t even feel you are wearing anything on your wrists. Initially, the buckle pins may be hard to get used to, but once you do, wearing it feels as easy as breathing.

Moving to the main features, the Lenovo HW02 offers you a personal fitness tracker aided by a pedometer, a sleep monitor, a heart rate monitor and a calorie burn meter. When you touch the screen, first, it shows time. Then, it shows you the number of steps you have taken on that particular day. You can reset it every day. Then when you touch again, it shows you how many calories you have burnt. Similarly, next shown is your heart rate, state of the battery and Bluetooth status.

The band coordinates with your smartphone via, the Lenovo healthy app connected through Bluetooth 4.2. The app is available in both app store and play store. The app once signed in needs to be bound with the band to get updates on your physical condition. The information is displayed on a 40×72 pixel OLED screen.

The app is in its latest version for now but, however, is not very smooth in running as it gets stuck many times.

The thing I like about it is that it has a smart reminder feature that lets you customize notifications and gives you vibrating sensations when you receive calls, texts, Facebook notifications, and the like. Second is the alarm feature that helps you wake up without having to listen to fussy alarm clocks.

lenovo HW02 smartband fitness tracker review nepal

You can set movement targets for every day on the app and it also notifies you if you are moving closer to achieving them. The band, I must say, interacts very well and the readings are pretty accurate too. The app also shows you the history of your physical conditions in a bar graph and lets you compare daily, weekly or monthly status. This includes data on movement, sleep and heart rate monitoring.

The band is waterproof so you can also choose to swim or take a shower while putting it on. It has a plastic and a silicon finish, so it may be prone to scratches but breakage seems unlikely. The battery lasts for 7-10 days depending on your usage pattern.

With all these, the Lenovo HW02 may seem like an upright daily driver. However, one major concern here is the brightness. Unless you have godly eyesight, in broad daylight, it impossible to read what’s there on the screen. The silicon straps are prone to scratches now and then.


The band is easy to use, good looking and pretty accurate. On the other side, the low brightness gives it a meltdown. But since I have been using it for days now, I think it is a good deal considering its features and is worth the money you keep aside for it.