Likhit (लिखित): An app for assisting driving licence exam

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screenshot_2016-09-30-10-55-03The new Android app Likhit has been launched with the aim to help those wishing to apply for driving licence exam. Vedamic Technologies developed this app in order to guide you getting your driving licence which will be helpful for both written and trial examination.

After installing this app, you will be welcomed with the request of developers, then you should click I accept button. And now you are in the home screen where you’ll see various sections- Category Based Questions, Mock Exam, Guide and General Knowledge, Driving Centers, Forms and Transport Offices.


  • Simple UI
  • Categorized Sections
  • Simple to Use
  • Downloadable Sample Forms


  • Annoying Adds
  • Needs active internet connection

The app is targeted for the people who are trying to get their driving licence but it is also equally important for licence holders too as it gives you updated information about the traffic rules and signs. What I think is that this app is very simple to use and every people looking forward to getting licence will surely be benefited. So, why to waste money on other hard-copies if you have an app that helps you in appearing driving licence written test and trial examination.

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