How to enable Material Design on Youtube (WEB)

    Material Design Youtube
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    YouTube is our everyday go to platform, whether you’re bored, want to learn something new or need to search for anything specific, Youtube is the way to go. Besides Google, people search for most of the things on YouTube now, making it one of the most popular website all over the world. YouTube’s web UI has been versatile and has been receiving various visual updates time and again. But what it still lacked was the Google’s very own material design.

    Material Design Youtube

    Now developers are implementing the material design on YouTube which has been available for developers only to test and debug. The changes to the UI is huge, everything is wider and more colorful, material colors gives a really good feel while using the site. But the redesigning is not complete yet, there are many design elements that are yet to be added or missing overall. The possibility is that on the final release you might not even see the same UI you’re seeing right now on the Developer Version.

    Material Design Youtube

    The homepage is different and looks very wide and open, which seems like it needs more work. Other than that, the Color adoption on the channel page looks really beautiful with bright and playful colors. Also, the icons on the hamburger menu have been changed, they are now larger and more colorful. You can see material design adoption in a lot of places. There is the transparent Youtube Player and when you stretch the window you get this black tiles surrounding the player which makes the video watching more immersive letting you focus only on the video.

    The idea is to make the mobile and web platform somewhat similar and we can clearly see the resemblance between these two from the material design update. But the whole thing is still in development, you might not feel right at home while using it for the first time, but it really is a welcome change and might make browsing Youtube more easy and fun.

    Material Design Youtube

    Enable Material Design on YouTube (WEB)

    1) Go to

    2) Open the developer tools (ctrl + shift + i)

    3) Go to the `Resources´ tab and under Cookies> section, delete the          VISITOR_INFO1_LIVE cookie

    4) Go to the Console tab and define the VISITOR_INFO1_LIVE cookie using the following command:


    5) Reload the page


    You need to be logged out of your Google Account to see the changes. As it is still in development, Google hasn’t allowed users to Sign In and use the new UI. And we specifically tested this on Chrome, so other browsers might not follow the similar procedure. To exit the new UI you can simply login to your Google account and it’ll go away or you can select the three dotted menus on top right corner and select “Restore Classic Youtube.”