Nepal Telecom plans to bring unlimited data packs at affordable prices

Nepal Telecom unlimited data plan
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Nepal Telecom (NT) is planning to introduce an affordable unlimited data plan for its customers. With this, the company intends to shift away from the existing practice of purchasing short-term data packs that net out to hefty prices.

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Nepal Telecom unlimited data plan:

With the growth in mobile data usage, Nepal’s largest telecom operator is looking for a fresh opportunity to ensure its long-term viability in the market. According to Mr. Diliram Adhikari (Managing Director, Nepal Telecom), the company wants to provide low-cost monthly unlimited data bundles for their customers.

He went on to add that future data packages from Nepal Telecom will put an end to the need to find a free Wi-Fi hotspot when out in public. The package is expected to cost approximately Rs. 400 and will be valid for one month. NT is working hard on this proposition in order to soon make it a reality.

The need for eyeing on internet

The past couple of years has seen an unprecedented rise in the use of mobile data due to COVID-19. On the other hand, as the majority of the population has internet access, their reliability on national and international voice calls has gone down by a lot.

But despite increased data consumption, Nepal Telecom is falling behind Ncell in terms of revenue from mobile data. According to the officials, this new approach would focus on the consumers’ growing needs, while also keeping up with the competition.

Moreover, as per the statistics, 90% of mobile data users rely heavily on data packs. Only the remaining 10% use mobile data on a “pay as you go” basis. Aka, without subscribing to a plan.

Figuring sustainable options

Besides this, the company is also studying other low-cost internet options for consumers. To note, NTC has already been providing cheap data packs for students. In addition, Mr. Adhikari says that with the growing number of 4G users, the company has also been focusing on large data packs targeting different user bases.

Nepal Telecom unlimited data plan: Verdict

Here, Nepal Telecom’s idea for a low-cost unlimited data plan appears to be an appealing bargain for customers. With mobile data usage still at an all-time high, NTC’s plans to bring affordable monthly plans with unlimited data is commendable.

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