Nepal Telecom Upgrades Billing System For Mobile Data Packages

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    Nepal Telecom has come up with a new billing system for GSM prepaid users which automatically reserves Rs.7 as soon as you turn on your mobile data. The exact amount is then deducted after you turn off your mobile data.

    Here’s a small illustration: 

    1. I have a balance of Rs. 90.58 right now.


    2. As soon as I turn on my Mobile Data, NTC reserves Rs.7.01 from my account.


    3. After browsing few websites and then turning off the mobile data, NTC deducts the amount that I surfed, Rs.0.11 in this case.


    So, questions might be popping out of your head on why did NTC change their billing system to make it more complex? As far as I know, there was a flaw in their previous payment system. According to some NTC users, with the previous payment system, they were able to surf the internet for free with some tweaks. NTC has not mentioned anything about it, but this might be a viable reason for the upgrade.