Nepal Telecom ADSL Users Username/Password Hacked

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    A group of Nepalese hacker has claimed to have breached the Nepal Telecom ADSL server and have gained access to user’s WiFi SSID and password. They claim that more than 47300 Nepal Telecom TP-LINK Routers are vulnerable to Hackers. TP-LINK is an electronics manufacturer famous for its budget-oriented ADSL and DSL routers.

    Moreover, these hacker has published the list of ADSL SSID and their respective password in this link here. This is not the first time that the NTC’s server was hacked. Last month, a group called Anonymous ‪opnep gained access to all the details of NTC users that include username, citizenship name, father’s name as well as other private information which you have to fill up during new SIM registration. Metropolitan Crime Division recently tracked the hackers down and arrested 18-year-old Bikash Paudel for hacking over 200 websites including the NTC website.

    The series of hacks points out to the fact on how insecure NTC’s server are. The hackers even mocked at the low security of NTC’s websites and had threatened of more such cyber attacks. If Nepal Telecom, the largest telecommunication service provider in Nepal, wants to enhance its digital advancement, it should also be prepared for the cyber battle and should be armed with security and cyber experts to avoid such breach. Please Wakeup NTC!

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