Pact to deliver high-speed internet in quake-hit districts by NT and NTA

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    Nepal Telecom (NT) and Nepal Telecommunications Authority (NTA) have signed an agreement to provide free high-speed Internet service to the victimized locals of the major earthquake affected districts: Kavre, Sindhupalchowk, Nuwakot, and Rasuwa. The necessary budget for this drive will be taken from the Rural Telecommunication Development Fund (RTDF).

    An agreement was signed between Chairman of NTA, Digambar Jha and Managing Director of NT, Kamini Rajbhandari amidst an event yesterday.

    As per the agreement, NT will be responsible for providing the internet service at about 747 places in the districts for two years. Those spots include: 80 areas, 118 government and community schools, 69 health centers in Kavre; 70 areas, 82 government and community schools, 61 health centers in Sindhupalchowk; 62 areas, 95 government and community schools, 61 health centers in Nuwakot and 18 areas, 16 government and community schools, 15 health centers in Rasuwa. A total budget of 21 crores, 16 lakhs has been estimated for this.

    NTA Chairman Jha has said that supporting NT to deliver high-speed internet facility in the quake-affected districts is a part of NTA’s main objective to make maximum use of RTDF in expanding telecommunications service across the country.

    To quote NT’s Managing Director Rajbhandari, “NT is committed to complete all the projects that have been handed over to NT by NTA on time. All necessary researches on CDMA, GSM, ADSL and WiMAX technologies have been conducted in the districts with regard to the installation of the Internet service.”