Passionboard Review: Where the Innovators and Investors Meet

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    Most of us have heard about start-ups and investors. In my experience, these words are frequently used nowadays, among the groups where individuals are inclined to innovation and eager to establish something on their own. This is facilitated by a web-based platform named

    Passionboard provides a web-based platform where the entrepreneur, investors as well as passionate people come into an interaction. The entrepreneur can easily submit their project, and later raise funds as the their project will be on direct watch of potential and later market their product.Also, the investors can browse the products, invest the project and endorse the project to make it popular. Apart from the regular investor and start-up intermediation, the platform also allows the passionate people to rate the different projects  and make the popular. This will help the project to get popular and eventually bring an interested investor for the project. One has to create an account for the site which is fairly easy but the website does feel little confusing at a first glance. After using it for a while ,I noticed that the site showcases only international investors. The co-founders of the platform stated that currently only the international investors are popular on the platform and Nepalese investors will slowly be active as the interaction and usage of the platform ddevelopand matures. It was further added that the platform is just in introduction phase and will pace its growth soon.


    Passionaboard provides several features used by the entrepreneurs and investors in a single platform. To add that it also has an allowed the innovative individuals to play a prominent role to launch a project which one doesn’t see in similar websites. It is good to see an initiative like this in Nepalese context. Do check the site and tell us what you think.