New “Repair Mode” from Samsung will keep your personal data safe during repairs

Samsung Repair Mode
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Concerned that your sensitive data might get compromised when your phone goes to a repair shop? Samsung is tackling this very problem with the new ‘Repair Mode’. So, let’s learn about the Samsung Repair Mode and what it actually does.

Samsung Repair Mode Overview:

Samsung’s new ‘Repair Mode’ allows the user to hide the data they want when sending the phone to a repair to a third-party repair company. It blocks the access and possible leakage of personal information of a Samsung phone user.

Activating the Repair Mode

The Repair mode can be found under the ‘Battery and Device Care’ menu in the ‘Settings’ of a Samsung Galaxy device. After enabling the mode, the phone reboots with no access to your personal data, such as photos, messages, and accounts. Moreover, only the default installed apps can be used.


Samsung Repair Mode

After the phone is repaired, you can disable the Repair Mode by using fingerprint recognition or a pattern lock. The phone will then reboot and allow full access to all the user data.

Additionally, the user can create a log to record the issues alongside the app usage when the problem occurs. The log will not record any personal information and turning on the logs is no compulsion.

Korea-only feature?

Samsung’s Repair Mode will first be introduced to the Galaxy S21 series via a software update. Samsung plans on extending the service to other models in the future.

Initially, it’ll be available only in South Korea. Since this is an extremely useful feature, we expect it to make its way into Samsung phones as a standard One UI feature. Last year, we saw Samsung introduce the ‘Samsung Knox Vault’ which protected personal information via encrypting it.

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