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After appearing for the SLC examination, kids often ask their parents to buy him/her a new smartphone. But is it smart to buy a smartphone for your kid at this age? Although, there is nothing as an appropriate age to own a smartphone, but it is crucial to know if your son or daughter is mature enough to handle the responsibility.

Stats about Smartphone users Age

In this new mobile age, parents should understand the risks the smartphone presents to young kids, however, they should also recognize how mobile devices can be used as a powerful tool for learning, communicating and teaching kids responsibility. Here are some pros and cons of buying a smartphone to your kid:


  • Access to the internet for studying.
  • Kids can stay connected with you or during emergency situations.
  • Handouts and PDFs can save a lot of money on books.
  • The ability to take a picture of the assignment or take a short video of a key lecture moment.
  • Recording lectures with Voice Memo and other third-party note-taking apps.
  • Apps like Evernote to take keynotes.
  • Keeping track of schedules and dates.


  • Ringtones during classes may distract the whole class.
  • Kids could browse the internet during exams and cheat.
  • Kids could get more engaged in social media activities, chats, Video Games, etc. that shall hamper his/her study.
  • Kids could send inappropriate pictures to someone via their smartphone.
  • Smartphones could bring new concerns for parents like Safety, Overuse, and Addiction, Privacy Concerns, Cost of lost phones, etc.


Buying your kid, a new smartphone is a big step. It is pivotal that you supervise your kid behavior once you give him/her a smartphone.

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