This sticker lets you wirelessly charge your smartphone

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    Honor X9b Ad

    Though we could see wireless charging feature in only a handful of smartphones, a French company has developed a device that would allow any phone to charge wirelessly. Known as Energysquare, this tech comes with a sticker that can be attached to the back of the device and can be charged through a dock.

    The dock supports multiple phones, and unlike other wireless chargers out there that use electromagnetic waves, this one uses their in-house patented conductive charging technology. The sticker is thin and adhesive with two conductive dots that directly connects to the battery. When the phone is placed on the dock, these two dots physically connects with two different conductive squares on the dock making it possible to charge the device.

    Energy square

    The Energysquare is water resistant, doesn’t radiate EM radiations, and boasts a smart sleep mode to prevent any power wastage when not in use. Currently, it’s in the beta development phase, and the company seeking funds at Kickstarter. The company hopes to make the device available next month with expected retail price to be around $100.