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Smart Phones | Is BIGGER always better? |

What is seen as the recent trend in the smartphone world is that the screen sizes are getting significantly larger. But is bigger always better? Read Along.
LG G Pro Lite

LG G Pro Lite Review: A phone for Lite Business Users!

LG G Pro Lite Dual smartphone fits into pockets of the average mid-range user at its price tag of Rs. 34,199 and is a best match when it comes to a large screen device at its range. Find out more.
Samsung Galaxy Grand 2

Samsung Galaxy Grand 2 plans launch on February

Samsung plans to launch its successor of the Galaxy Grand by the first week of February. Read Along.

Xperia Z ultra: Enormous and Powerful phablet from Sony

Smartphones are getting bigger as time passes. A 5 inch display smartphone are becoming common in 2013.But Sony launched a relatively bigger smartphone in...
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