This App helps Volunteer Engineers Locate The Inspecting Houses

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Semantic Creation has fully launched a new app- EQ Volunteers Nepal that could be of great use to Engineers and Architect who are volunteering or who wants to volunteer in inspecting the damage to the houses in Kathmandu due to the Earthquake.

If you are a Civil/Architect/Structural Engineer, the app will help you locate requested houses for Level 1 Assessment of houses. Here are a few things you need to do:

  • Fill in the google form here:
  • You will be provided with username and password.
  • Download the app EQ Volunteers Nepal
  • Narrow down your inspection by Selecting District->Area->House.
  • Go for Inspection of the desired house.
  • Send reports of the houses through this app.

EQ Volunteers Nepal

The app is free for volunteers and nonprofits to join, so how then does this app earn revenues? The company doesn’t target any revenue with this app. They are doing a benevolent work to increase volunteering of inspection of many suffered houses of Nepal due to earth quake.