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Vivobook Series

Here you will find all the latest Asus VivoBook laptops with the official price, full specifications, and availability in Nepal.

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Vivobook Series

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Asus Vivobook Overview:

The VivoBook lineup is home to the most affordable Asus laptop you can buy in Nepal. Technically, Asus even sells Chrome books, but you can't buy them in Nepal. This leaves VivoBook as the sole option for people looking for affordable laptops for home and school. These laptops come in vibrant color options; some even offer color block designs. Moreover, these are powered by Intel core processors.

Which VivoBook Laptops to Buy in Nepal?

Even within the Vivobook family, sub-categories are designed for different use cases. The most popular models are the vanilla Vivobook laptops. However, Asus also sells 2-in-1 Flips and Pros equipped with dedicated graphics.

Asus Vivobook Go

With options for 12" and 14" notebooks, the Vivobook Go is all mostly about portability. It's a laptop for people who are always on the go. Vivobook laptops are updated yearly with the latest processors and sport design, making them look much more premium than their price tag.

Vivobook Slate

The Vivobook Slate is unique in the sense that it is the only detachable Windows OLED laptop in the family. But since Asus offers the laptop in a single 13" model, many simply refer to it as a tablet. It is usually powered by Intel's entry-level N-series processors.

Vivobook Flip

However, in the Nepali market, you are more likely to find the Vivobook Flip than Vivobook Slate. It is because the Vivobook Flip laptops are generally more powerful and offer more options in terms of specs. It also offers a bigger canvas than the Slate with the options ranging between 15" and 16"


Despite all the diversity, the vanilla Vivobook is still the most popular in its family. Asus offers the laptop in three sizes: 14", 15", and 16". You usually get the latest Intel CPU with the option to choose from the portable U-series and a slightly more powerful P-series.

Vivobook S

The Vivobook S is kind of a more stylish sibling of the vanilla Vivobook. It has the same specs as the vanilla models but the form factor is re-designed for the newer generation. These laptops are generally slim, and lightweight and arrive in a bunch of colorful finishes.

Vivobook Pro

Finally we have the Vivobook Pro. As suggested with the "Pro" moniker, it is the most powerful Vivobook laptop there is. You can choose from a wide range of CPU options including the H-series from Intel and AMD, along with GTX and RTX GPUs from NVIDIA