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Marshall Stockwell II

2.8Expert Score

The Marshall Stockwell II is a square-shaped speaker with a silicone exterior and steel grille. It weighs 1.38 kg and has an IPX4 rating for water production. Available in five colors, it uses a woofer and two tweeters, three Class D amplifiers, and Bluetooth 5.0 for wireless connectivity. The speaker has a USB-C port for charging and an aux-in port. At moderate volume, it lasts approximately 20 hours, with 6 hours of playtime within 20 minutes.

Starting Price  35,000





Ingress Protection

Marshall Stockwell II Overview:


Stockwell II is a square-shaped speaker from Marshall with their signature design element. The audio device features a silicone exterior with a steel grille at the front. The controls all lie at the speaker’s top, including tuning for volume, bass, and treble.

For water production, there is an IPX4 rating. The Stockwell II weighs around 1.38 kg and measures 180 x 161 x 70 mm in dimensions. Additionally, there are five color options: Black, Grey, Burgundy, Indigo, and Black & Brass, but you will find only the last one here.

Audio and Connectivity

For audio, Marshall Stockwell II uses a woofer and two tweeters. Additionally, there are three Class D amplifiers, one 10W for the woofer and the other two 5W that work with tweeters. With these transducers, the device can produce stereo audio.

For wireless connectivity, Bluetooth 5.0 links Stockwell II with your device. The connection can last up to a max of 10 meters. Plus, there is a USB-C port for charging and an aux-in port.


Using the Stockwell II at a moderate volume lasts approximately 20 hours. Within 20 minutes, you get 6 hours of playtime. To get back to full charge, it takes around 5 hours.

Marshall StockWell II Price in Nepal

Marshall Speakers Price in Nepal
Stockwell II NPR 35,000

Marshall Stockwell II Specifications Compare

Year 2022
Status In Stock
Speaker Type Portable
Series Stockwell
Dimensions 180×161×70mm
Weight 1380g
IP rating IPX4
Colors Black, Grey, Burgundy, Indigo Black, Brass
1x Woofer
2x Tweeter
Driver: 3x 20W
Class D Amplifier: 1x 10W + 2x 5W
Frequency Response 60Hz - 20kHz
Channel Stereo
Microphone No
Bluetooth 5.0
Companion App No
Battery Size Unspecified
Charging 36W (5-12V/ 3A)
Ports USB-C, Aux-in