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The Oldest Black Hole

NASA discovers the “oldest black hole” ever

The observable universe, spanning 93 billion light years, houses an estimated 40 quintillion black holes. These enigmatic entities have intrigued us for decades. And...
Football on the Moon

They’re planning to play football on the Moon. No, seriously

A recent post by the Insitute of Engineering and Technology (IET), UK highlights the possibility of competitive football on the surface of the Moon....
Virigin Galatic Galatic 01

Virgin Galactic set to initiate commercial space flights later this month

Virgin Galactic, the space company founded by British billionaire Sir Richard Branson, is set to make history by launching its first commercial space flight,...
Vast Haven 1 Space X Collaboration

Vast Space announces SpaceX partnership for world’s first private space station

Vast Space, a new aerospace company settled to making human life multi-planetary, has recently announced its joint proposal with SpaceX to launch the first...
Space Tech Innovation 2021 announced

Space Tech Innovation announced to celebrate Nepali accomplishments in space

To celebrate the success and accomplishments of Nepali youths in the field of space and astronomy, Youth for Nation is organizing the first-ever Space...