Space Tech Innovation announced to celebrate Nepali accomplishments in space

Space Tech Innovation 2021 announced
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To celebrate the success and accomplishments of Nepali youths in the field of space and astronomy, Youth for Nation is organizing the first-ever Space Tech Innovation exhibition. It’s a two-day event for space enthusiasts in Kathmandu.

Space Tech Innovation Exhibition: Everything you need to know

As mentioned earlier, Space Tech Innovation Exhibition is a two-day event that will be held on Sankha Park, Dhumbarahi (Kathmandu). It will begin on Mangshir 14 (November 30) and end on Mangshir 15 (December 1).

In the event, space technologies developed by Nepali youths will be on display. This will include rockets, satellites, and other space-related tools and software. Attendees will also gain valuable knowledge about this field of science.

The event hopes to boost interest and curiosity about space among the local youth. Similarly, it also aims to add to the understanding of space and astronomy of the general public. Furthermore, the organizers believe that this exhibition will raise voices for proper Space policy in the country as well.

Supporting organizations

Co-organizing the Space Tech Innovation Exhibition are NEAR (National Engineering and Astronomical Research Center) Aerospace, Nepal Academy of Science and Technology (NAST), Ministry of Education, Science and Technology, National Educational Hub, Kathmandu Metropolitan Ward No. 4, and Science Teacher’s Associaton of Nepal. Similarly, the Ministry of Finance and Daari Gang are also supporting the exhibition.

About Youth for Nation

Youth for Nation is a public organization that involves youths in the upliftment of Nepalese society. The group has been actively involved in the social service sector for the past few years. Youth for Nation has also been organizing free health campaigns in different parts of the company in recent months.

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