Freedom 251 Fraud issue: Director of the company making cheapest smartphone arrested

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    Ringing Bells Company emerged in the smartphone arena bringing the world cheapest smartphone available in the mediocre amount of $4. The cheapest smartphone, Freedom 251 boasts specs which worth countless time more than the cost for its purchase. Because of its price and the specs carried by it, it got attentions from all around the globe. Now the same company is alleged for fraudulent activity and the company Director Mohit Goel is arrested for it. After the arrest of Mohit Goel, the police mentioned that they are in search of four more directors of the company.

    For the genuine specs and wallet-friendly price, there were a lot of people to have their hands on the device. Studying the market demand of the device, Akshay Malhotra, of Ghaziabad-based Ayam Enterprises, got interested in the sales of Freedom 251. So, Goel and his team had persuaded Malhotra to take up the distributorship of phones and other accessories. The contract was signed which worth 3 million Indian Rupees in December 2015. However, the contract did not ease the things with Malhotra. He had to face recurrent delays in the supply, which was beyond the promise Goel made to him. Malhotra later realized that the supply he received so far valued less than half he paid. And the products received were of extremely poor quality. Feeling defrauded in the trade, Malhotra demanded a refund for unfulfilled demand. However, in the return, he and his family were threatened to be killed.

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    The police have also mentioned that they had received several other complaints regarding the frauds done by Ringing Bells Company. For now, Goel is in custody and they have intended to take him to court at the earliest. The FIR filed by Malhotra has also named four other individuals. The names on the FIR are all associated with the administration of Ringing Bells. It includes present Managing Director Anmol Goel, Mohit’s wife Dharna Garg (former CEO), General Manager Sumit Kumar, and Mohit’s partner Ashok Chaddha.