HTC is announcing something big on Jan 12

    HTC, one of the well-known mobile manufacturer headquartered at Taiwan, lost the limelight for a little while with the release of One M8. But, it didn’t take long to get back as a tough competitor to Samsung and Apple with the release of HTC 10 on April this year. I don’t know if you’ve already started making plans for the first month of coming new year but HTC has made a solid plan to make its big announcement early next year. It has sent a press event invitation of Jan. 12 to all major tech reviewers worldwide.

    HTC, the backstage player in the making of Google Pixel, is doing well in both mobile and VR industry lately. HTC 11 rumors might be turning into reality on Jan. 12. The press invitation doesn’t signify much other than the date itself. So, it is still hard to tell what exactly HTC is planning to reveal in the second week of the first month of 2017.

    By taking a closer look at the press invitation picture, there is a blue background and it is written “for u” along with the date. I think it’s going to announce either a new VR Headset or the HTC 11 codenamed “HTC Ocean” which might be coming in a regular color of blue along with other color options for sure. HTC’s new headset if revealed might be coming without buttons. Yes, “no” physical buttons at all. It’s going to be a new change and many might criticize that. But, I personally would love to have a phone without buttons if it’s OS is optimized that way. Rumors are, the next HTC sense UI will be optimized that way, working mainly on voice commands and gestures.

    For now, all we can do is do a blind guess on HTC’s next flagship phone being released on Jan. 12. But, we’ve to wait to see if it’s really a phone or VR or a drone (less likely). Share your guesses with us in the comments regarding what HTC is going to announce on Jan. 12, 2017.