New Road Mobile Expo Review: A true Disappointment

Is it 2017 already??
Honor X9b Ad
Honor X9b Ad

Today is the second day of New Road Mobile expo. And we thought of giving a second visit to the expo to explore in detail what a visitor will get and how he or she will feel in the expo. In this visit, we tried acquiring as many details as we could regarding the special offers introduced by different mobile brands present in the expo.

Ncell: Free SIM is the Way?

New Road Mobile Expo nepal

The entrance is all about the Ncell’s stall and it was the most crowded one. In the expo, anyone purchasing a new phone will be getting a Ncell Sim for free with some free data. The documents that customers need to have to get a free Ncell Sim is the VAT bill of the purchase, the visiting card of the shop with its stamp on the back and the customer’s citizenship card or driving license. However, anyone can purchase four Ncell Sim cards at the price of 100 rupees and each sim will have the balance of 20 rupees.

Leagoo & Zopo: New Brands going Ballastic about Promotion

Samsung: Free Shampoo? What’s the catch?

New road mobile expo

Then there is the desk of Samsung, which is giving a scratch card for every purchase of a Samsung phone. From any scratch card, the customer may win a shampoo or a 5200 mAh powerbank or a leather bag depending on whether they score silver or gold or diamond prize after scratching. A person won a 5200mAh power bank right when I was visiting the stall.

Gionee: All about Gift Hampers!

In the expo, Gionee is giving gift hampers on every purchase of Gionee S6s.

Colors: Let’s sell Older Windows Phone.

On every purchase of Colors WIN W10 at NRs. 10,495, you’ll get another Colors WIN W10 for free.

HTC: Let’s watch a movie after buying a phone.

HTC is giving two free tickets for Cine-De Chef on every purchase of HTC mobile from the expo. They are also running a campaign where you could win a HTC phone.

CG: The Ring

On every purchase of CG smartphone, CG is giving away a power bank or screen enlarger or phone ring depending on the models of phone you buy.

Oppo: Selfie Stick for an overpriced selfie camera

Similarly, Oppo is giving away selfie sticks to its customers.


Many of the gift hampers were retailers specific as well. There isn’t uniformity in the gift-hampers which varied from store-to-store. Talking about my experience in this expo, it was no different than any other expos. It was a frustrating and confusing experience. Nothing looked systematic or managed. There are stalls everywhere, but what they offer is limited. Nothing jaw dropping, no new devices. If you are going to buy the same device, you can find anywhere and at the similar price. Would you go to the expo to buy a phone in the crowd, just for a free Ncell Sim Card?? Well, I let you decide yourself on that.

Honestly speaking, this New Road Mobile Expo is nothing, but a hoax. It has nothing to offer other than the cheap advertisement of new mobile brands to the crowd. All that you’ll find are the stalls of mobile brands handing you the leaflet that you’re gonna throw right away or a few minutes after. The Expo was no good in any way. I went to the expo with some high hopes but the expo turned it all down. If you have nothing else to do and like walking in the crowd, then only I suggest you go to the expo. Or else, you can skip this expo out of your checklist and invest your valuable time in something else.