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CMF Buds Pro 2

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The CMF Buds Pro 2 features a sleek design with touch controls, offering hybrid ANC. It packs an 11 bass driver coupled with a 6mm micro-planer tweeter and a bunch of other parts for its audio. They connect via Bluetooth 5.3 to the Nothing X app, supporting AAC, SBC, and LDAC codecs. These earbuds offer a plethora of handy features like customisable Speed Dial on the charging case, ChatGPT integration, Swift Pair, etc. Furthermore, it has a 60mAh battery on the buds and a 460mAh one on the charging case. With this, they offer nearly two days of combined usage.

Starting Price  9,599

Earbuds Type


Earbuds Weight

4.9 gm

Earbuds Driver

11 mm + 6 mm

Earbuds Noise Cancellation


Earbuds Ingress Protection

IP55 (earbuds)

Earbuds Battery

60 mAh

Are you looking for earbuds with a unique design and flagship features but at a more affordable price point? Then the CMF Buds Pro 2 will definitely spike your interest!

CMF Buds Pro 2 Overview

Design and Audio

The CMF Buds Pro 2 look more like the base variant than its predecessor. That being said, it comes in a stemmed design with an in-ear fit. These buds also feature IP55 water and dust resistance. Meanwhile, the charging case does not enjoy such luxury. But, it does bring something new to the market. You can press and rotate this dial on the edge of the case, which you can further customise to perform certain functions.

These earbuds pack a combination of an 11mm base driver and a 6mm micro-planner tweeter. Furthermore, they pack an N52 magnet, and copper voice coil. All these parts work in tandem to offer audio on the CMF Buds Pro 2. Other features that these earbuds offer in terms of sound are Spatial Audio Effect, Nothing x Dirac Opteo tuning, Hybrid ANC of up to 50dB, ENC with hexa-mic setup, and Wind Noise Reduction.

Features and the rest

The major highlighting feature of these earbuds is surely the customisable Smart Dial on the charging case. Likewise, the integration of the popular AI model — ChatGPT is also a useful and commendable feature. Other than that, these buds offer Fast Pairing, Ear Fit Test, In-ear detection, and Low Lag Mode with latency of up to 120ms. The latter feature is only applicable to Nothing and CMF phones. Additionally, you can customise these earbuds and fiddle around with the EQ through the Nothing X app.

Moreover, the CMF Buds Pro 2 come with Bluetooth v5.3 for wireless connectivity. It is capable of utilising the basic SBC and AAC, as well as the coveted LDAC codecs. These buds are compatible with devices running on Android, iOS, and Windows platforms. Inside, it packs a 60 mAh battery while the charging case has a 460 mAh one. With this, these buds can last up to 11 hours independently and 43 hours with the case. Lastly, it offers you up to three hours of usage from 10 minutes of charging.

CMF Buds Pro 2 Price

CMF TWS Price in Nepal
Buds Pro 2 NPR 9,599

CMF Buds Pro 2 Specifications Compare

Date 8 July 2024
Market Status In Stock
Fit In-ear
Series Buds Pro
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Earbuds: 4.90g
Case: 46g
IP Rating
Earbuds: IP55
Colors Dark Grey, Light Grey, Orange, Blue
11mm bass + 6mm tweeter
Microphone 6 mics
Active Noise Cancellation Hybrid Active Noise Cancellation, up to 50 dB
Others Spatial Audio Effect, Clear Voice Technology 2.0 (ENC), Wind Noise Reduction
Bluetooth 5.3
Companion App Nothing X app
Earbuds 60mAh , Up to 11 hours playback
Case 460mAh , Up to 43 hours playback
Charging USB Type-C, 180 minutes with 10 minutes charge
Features Ear Tips Fit Test, In-ear detection, Google Fast Pair, Microsoft Swift Pair, Low Lag Mode of up to 120ms with Nothing / CMF Phones, Find Earbuds, ChatGPT Integration, Touch Controls. Customisable Smart Dial Controls