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Remax RB-M22

2.8Expert Score

The Remax RB-M22 is a one-of-a-kind speaker with a detachable design. This means, that this speaker while functioning as a single unit can be snapped into two different pieces offering a stereo audio effect. It is capable of 3W of individual output while as a larger unit, the number doubles to 6W. Other than that, it comes in a transparent finish, is equipped with Bluetooth v4.2, and packs a 1,000 mAh battery offering over six hours of usage.

Starting Price  7,899

Speaker Type


Speaker Weight

0.22 Kg / 0.44 kg

Speaker Ingress Protection


Speaker Power

3W / 6W

Speaker Playtime

6 hours

Speaker Charging Time

2 hours / 2.5 hours / 3.5 hours

Are you looking for a truly unique speaker that will surely draw some attention? Then you might want to check out the Remax RB-M22!

Remax RB-M22


The design of the Remax RB-M22 is definitely its most highlighting feature. Firstly, it comes in a pill-shaped body with a transparent finish. However, that is not the most interesting thing going on here. This speaker is actually, a two-piece unit.

This means, that you can snap the speaker in half and it will change into two individual functioning units. These separate pieces have magnets on the base that help them attach and disguise as one whole speaker. The Remax RB-M22 has a decent heft to it too, weighing 446 grams combined, and exactly half that for a single unit.

Audio and the rest

Talking of the audio, this speaker is capable of offering 6W of total output. This is a decent number, but the quality of sound most depends on how the product has been designed. Hence, you better ask the vendor for a demo to see if it suits your taste. Moreover, when snapped in two, the individual pieces offer 3W output each. Given that, its unique dislocation capability the Remax RB-M22 is capable of stereo audio effect.

Other than that, it comes with rather old Bluetooth v4.2 and is compatible with devices that have Bluetooth regardless of the platform. Meanwhile, for wired connections, you get a micro USB port and an AUX (3.5mm) jack. This speaker also comes with an in-built microphone and a 1,000 mAh battery. With this, the Remax RB-M22 can last you up to 6 hours on 60% volume and over tenfold the time on standby. Once the charge has been depleted this thing takes about two to three hours to fully juice up.

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Remax RB-M22 Price in Nepal

Remax Speakers Price in Nepal
RB-M22 NPR 7,899

Remax RB-M22 Specifications Compare

Year Unspecified
Status In Stock
Speaker Type Portable
Series Remax RB
Dimensions ‎66.75 mm x 64.00 mm x 8.90 mm
Weight 223 gm (Solo), 446 gm (Combined)
IP rating Unspecified
Colors Transparent
Snappable/Attachable design with magnetic base
3W (Solo), 6W (Combined)
Frequency Response 20Hz-20KHz
Channel Stereo
Microphone Yes
Bluetooth 4.2
Companion App No
Battery life 6 hours (@60% volume)
Charging 2 to 3 hours
Ports Micro USB, AUX (3.5mm)
Bundled goods Silicone case