Remax Products Price in Nepal [Updated]

Remax Products Price in Nepal Chargers Data Cables Headphones Speakers Earphones OTG Microphone
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Remax caters to a variety of product categories in Nepal. They deliver products with trendy designs, yet at affordable prices. Its portfolio includes data cables, chargers, power banks, speakers, earphones, headphones, neckbands, and others. In this article, we’ve listed all the Remax products available in Nepal, along with their official price.

For those who are unfamiliar with the company, Remax is a Shenzhen-based manufacturer of IoT devices with operations all over the world. The company has been offering its product to Nepali audiences since 2017.

Now, Remax has teamed up with TechStudio Pvt. Ltd. as its new distribution partner. TechStudio is also the distributor of products from HiFuture, AQFiT, and other brands in Nepal.

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Remax Products Price in Nepal:

Remax Data Cables

The company has a large variety of braided and unbraided data cables in Nepal. This includes Micro USB, Type-C, Lightning, magnetic cables, and more.

Micro USB RC-134mWhiteRs. 99
Type-C RC-134aBlack/WhiteRs. 149
Lightning RC-134iBlack/WhiteRs. 149
Lesu Pro Data Cable RC-160mBlack/WhiteRs. 189
RC-138m Suji Pro Data CableWhiteRs. 189
Lesu Pro Data Cable RC-160iBlackRs. 229
Lesu Pro Data Cable RC-160aBlack/WhiteRs. 229
RC-138i Suji Pro Data CableBlack/WhiteRs. 249
RC-138a Suji Pro Data CableBlack/WhiteRs. 249
3.5mm Aux Jack Cable L100 1mBlack/WhiteRs. 299
Lesu Pro Data Cable RC-163mWhiteRs. 299
Lesu Pro Data Cable RC-163iWhiteRs. 299
Lesu Pro Data Cable RC-163aWhiteRs. 299
3.5mm Aux Jack Cable L100 2mBlack/WhiteRs. 349
Jany Series 3.1A 3-in-1 Charging Cable RC-124thBlack/SilverRs. 499
Flag Series 2.1A 3 in 1 Magnetic Charging Cable RC-16Black/SilverRs. 649
Magnetic-storing series Data Cable For lightning RC-125iWhiteRs. 899
Magnetic-storing Series Data Cable For Type-C RC-125aWhiteRs. 899

Remax Chargers

Moving on, Remax has got you covered for your wired or wireless charger need as well. The company offers chargers for both Android and iPhone smartphones, as well as for cars.

Jane series 2U Charger RP-U35-(EU)WhiteRs. 399
Jane series 2U Charger with Micro cable RP-U35-(EU)WhiteRs. 499
RCC226 2U Car ChargerBlackRs. 599
Jane series 2U Charger with Apple Cable RP-U35-(EU)WhiteRs. 599
Jane series 2U Charger with Type-C Cable RP-U35-(EU)WhiteRs. 599
Xiaoxiao Series Wireless Charger RP-W14Black/WhiteRs. 699
Alien Pro 18W PD+ QC Fast Charging Car Charger RCC214BlackRs. 899
4-PORT WANFU USB Adapter RP-U43 EUBlack/WhiteRs. 1,099
Elves Series Sucked-Type Wireless Charger 15W RP-W22BlackRs. 1,299
Ming Series RU-S2 Power Socket -EUBlackRs. 1,999

Remax Earphones

In the audio department, Remax has an amazing portfolio of affordable wired earphones. You can get decent earphones at prices starting at under Rs. 300.

RW-105WhiteRs. 279
RW-106Black/WhiteRs. 279
RW-108Black/WhiteRs. 399
RM-512Black/SilverRs. 499
RM-202Black/SilverRs. 549
RM-550Black/WhiteRs. 599
RM-510Black/White/Grey/BlueRs. 759
RM-711Black/Silver/Rose GoldRs. 799
Type-C Metal Wired Earphone RM-512aTarnish/SilverRs. 799

Remax Neckband, Microphone, Headphones

Then we have neckband-style and over/on-ear headphones from Remax. With a trendy design and decent audio output, they could be a great option on a budget. Plus, Remax sells a couple of portable microphones as well.

NeckBandSport wireless Earphone RX-S100Black/WhiteRs. 1,799
MicrophoneLIFE Lavalier Microphone RL-LF31-3.5mmBlackRs. 499
K05 Portable Handheld MicrophoneBlack/SilverRs. 4,999
HeadphonesRM-805BlackRs. 2,199
Wireless Gaming Headphone RB-750HBBlack/BlueRs. 2,999
RB-650HB Bluetooth headsetBlackRs. 4,899

Remax TWS

Truly wireless earbuds are all the rage these days, with options from multiple companies available in the Nepali market. As a result, you may now find it easier to find the best TWS earbuds within your budget. Remax, on the other hand, sells a variety of earbuds with trendsetting designs in Nepal.

TWS-27Black/WhiteRs. 3,499
TWS-26WhiteRs. 3,999
TWS-23Black/White/BlueRs. 4,399

Remax PowerBank

Moving on, the company also offers lightweight and portable power banks of up to 30,000mAh capacity. With these, you will never have to worry about running out of power when using your device.

Lango Series 10000mAh RPP-96WhiteRs. 1,499
Lango Series 20000mAh RPP-166Black/WhiteRs. 2,499
Hansu Series 22.5W Fast Charging RPP-182Blue/Green/Grey/RedRs. 2,799
Lango Series 30000mAh RPP-167Black/WhiteRs. 2,999
Linze Series 22.5W Fast Charging Power Bank 10000mAh RPP-170Grey/Blue/RedRs. 3,499
Linze Series 22.5W Fast Charging Power bank 20000mAh RPP-171Grey/BlueRs. 4,999
Mini Pro 22.5W Fast Charging Power Bank RPP-190Tarnish/Blue/GreenRs. 4,999

Remax Speakers

Portable speakers are the go-to sound solution for music lovers looking to take their tunes wherever they go. Here, Remax Bluetooth speakers are suitable for all kinds of situations be it your workspace, home, or party.

Models ColorsPrice
Alarm Bluetooth Speaker RB-M52Red/PinkRs. 3,999
Desktop Bluetooth Speaker RB-M46Black/BlueRs. 4,699
Gwens Outdoor Portable Wireless SpeakerBlackRs. 4,799
Star Series Outdoor Wireless Speaker RB-M28pBlueRs. 8,399

Remax OTG

Likewise, they offer a slew of USB OTG (On-The-Go) cables that allows transferring data between your phone and a USB device.

OTG Micro-USB RA-OTGGold/SilverRs. 299
RA-USB2 Micro-AppleGold/SilverRs. 299
RA-USB1 Micro-Type-CGold/SilverRs. 299

Remax Lifestyle Products Price in Nepal

On top of this, Remax’s portfolio also includes lifestyle accessories like selfie sticks, LED makeup mirrors, LED lighting, and others, to add to the aesthetic of your home or workstations.

LIFE RL-CUP89BlackRs. 999
LIFE RL-CUP90WhiteRs. 999
Multifunctional Desktop Stand RM-C46Black/WhiteRs. 1,999
Kwangche Series LED lamp RT-L01WhiteRs. 2,499
Reqin Series Humidifier RT-A500BlueRs. 2,999
Juicy cup RT-KG02Pink/GreenRs. 4,199
Modern Multifunction Selfie Stick P11BlackRs. 4,499
LIFE Miyu series LED beauty makeup mirror RL-LT16WhiteRs. 4,499
Life RL-U2 Fairy Series Umbrella Nano-HydrophobicBlue/Light PurpleRs. 4,499
Wishes Series Humidifier RT-A800White/BlueRs. 7,499

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