45W Wired or Wireless Charging? Choose your Samsung Power Bank!

Samsung Power Bank Price Nepal
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Samsung just launched two new power banks, available in 10,000 mAh and double that capacity. However, there is more to these battery packs than just their capacity. Let’s discuss these Samsung Power Banks further in this article including their price in Nepal.

Samsung Power Bank Overview


The South Korean company has taken a unique approach to the design of its power banks. They do come in a cuboid shape, however, their edges are not uniform. While all the edges have a curved finish to it, the top edges have a flat end to it. This subtle tweak aesthetically sets the Samsung Power Bank apart from other power banks.

Samsung Power Bank Design

In the meantime, the company has used UL-certified recycled materials for the battery pack which helps reduce carbon emissions. Likewise, the Samsung Power Bank ships in a single beige colour option and has little black dots scattered all across the case. Additionally, the 20,000 mAh option has “20” engraved, while the 10,000 mAh one has a carving that reads “10” and a circular bump in the middle.


The 20,000 mAh Samsung Power Bank can charge three devices simultaneously via its USB Type-C ports. The highlighting feature on this power bank is Super Fast Charging 2.0 support. This is to say, this battery pack comes with Samsung’s proprietary 45W charging technology. However, the charging speed only hits 45W when only a single device is plugged in. Other than that, it also supports the PD 3.0 charging protocol.

Similarly, the 10,000 mAh Samsung Power Bank also charges three devices at once, however, it only has two USB Type-C ports. Hence, for the third device, it offers wireless charging instead! The circular bump in the middle of this power bank that I mentioned earlier is a wireless charging unit. Meanwhile, the solitary charging speed on this power bank is 25W, but when using all three interfaces the output is capped at 7.5W each.

Samsung Power Bank Specifications

Category / Capacity 10,000 mAh 20,000 mAh
Design Single-side flat-edged design with number engraving
UL-certified recycled materials
Dimensions 148.00 mm x 72.00 mm x 16.40 mm 152.00 mm x 76.00 mm x 25.50 mm
Weight 222 grams 402 grams
Charging Speed Up to 25W Up to 45W
Features Super Fast Charging + Wireless charging support Super Fast Charging 2.0 + PD 3.0 support
Ports 2x USB Type-C + Wireless charging unit 3x USB Type-C

    Samsung Power Bank Price in Nepal and Availability

    Both the Samsung Power Bank hit the Indian market on Labour Day and are available to purchase through all the official mediums. The 10,000 mAh wireless option goes for INR 3,499 while the 20,000 mAh one is priced at INR 4,299. If these battery packs ever make their way here, we expect the Samsung Power Bank price in Nepal to be NPR 5,799 and 6,999 respectively.

    Samsung Power Bank Price in India (Official) Price in Nepal (Expected)
    10,000 mAh wireless INR 3,499 NPR 5,799
    20,000 mAh INR 4,299 NPR 6,999
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