SastoDeal New Year’s Double Discount Offer Now Live!

sastodeal offer
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Sastodeal, one of the leading online shopping platforms, is known for good deals and offers timely. And with the new year knocking, it was certain that we would see some kind of offers from the company. And they did not disappoint. Here, we have Sastodeal’s Naya Barsa Double Discount offer!

So, what’s this about? As the name implies, you’re in for double discounts. Of course, that doesn’t really clarify things. It’s like this. You already get some kind of discounts on a range of products. And that includes all kinds – from home appliances, to baby products to even things like laptops. And if you’re not aware, the Samsung Galaxy S10e is available right now for a crazy price of Rs. 74000 in there!

Anyway, what we’re talking about is the Double Discount! So, yes. You already get some form of a discount on all of these products. You can buy them at a reduced price. And then, you can get some more discount upon checking out with the item! Sounds cool, doesn’t it? Whatever item you buy for a discounted price, you get even more discount on it!

There are like discounts up to 80% and you get even more on checking out! Plus, as a part of the offer, there will also be Flash Sales everyday until the offer lasts. The offer is now live, since Chaitra 26 or April 9th, until the first day of New Years – i.e. Baisakh 1 or April 14th. The 6-day offer is already underway. So, visit for more information and great deals!