Apple is reportedly working on “affordable” iPads

affordable ipad ipad mini 5 2019
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Apple products are usually amazing with sturdy yet stylish design and powerful components on the inside. Such features definitely make a device premium, however, Apple products are mostly expensive when it comes to the price. And the pricing sounds even more exorbitant when compared to similar products in the Android ecosystem. That could be one of the reasons why Apple products suffered a decline in sales in 2018. To cope with that sale declination, Apple was also found slashing the price of its products on multiple occasions. Although that strategy may have worked on a temporary basis, Apple is now seeking an efficacious solution to cope with the sales decline. And the report claims that Apple is working to bring affordable iPads in the year 2019.

In fact, this strategy is nothing new from the tech giant. Apple had launched the iPhone XR as an affordable iPhone last September with some compromises on the internals. However, the handset was priced at $749, which was still expensive than most of the premium flagship Android devices available in the market. But the new reports suggest that this affordable version of the iPad will implement Apple’s previous philosophy. So in that proclaimed affordable iPad, we can see similar design language with a few upgrades on the internals.

Some reports also claim that Apple would revive the Apple ID, which it notoriously ditched last year. Furthermore, we can see a rejuvenation of the 3.5mm headphone jack. The headphone jack has been long lost on the iPhones, which was last seen on iPhone on the iPhone 6 series devices. Even the iPad Pro 2018 suffered a similar fate last year.

Further reports cues that this affordable iPad Mini 5 will also ditch the Apple Pencil in order to cut the manufacturing costs. There is also the possibility that Apple could drop its proprietary Lightning port in the favor of USB Type-C port.

But these are just the speculations hovering in the tech world. Apple has not made an official announcement regarding the existence of this device yet. So, some of the aforementioned features may change when the device makes an official debut.