Android 10 Go is here with emphasis on speed and security

Android 10 Go Edition
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Android is undoubtedly the most famous mobile operating system, powering well over 3/4th of the entire smartphones in the world. While some people get to experience it with the latest and greatest hardware, not everyone shares the same fate. There have always been complications regarding speed in the low-end devices. To address this, Google launched Android Go (Oreo) in 2018 with the vision to have its OS running smoothly in smartphones with 1.5GB of memory or less. And now, Google has launched its next iteration in the “Go” line of OS with Android 10 (Go Edition).

Google claims that Android 10 Go is about 10% faster than its predecessor Android Go (Pie) with improvements in multitasking while maintaining to the phone’s low-memory. This means launching apps will be snappier and switching between the apps will be more seamless and fluid.

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The new Android 10 Go also sees improvement on the security front. It comes with a new form of data encryption for entry-level smartphones dubbed as “Adiantum”. With this, data encryption is not hardware-dependent and thus isn’t tasking to the already low-powered smartphone, giving a much necessary performance boost.

The majority of the traditional Google apps come in small sizes while maintaining their core functionality in Android 10 Go. With apps like Google Go, Youtube Go, Maps Go, Gallery Go, etc. users can expect a smooth Android experience. Not to mention, this also helps in saving storage. Yay for more storage space!

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With Android 10 Go, Google is introducing Google Assistant on the low-end devices with 1GB of memory or less. That is one handy tool you’d hate to miss.

Android 10 Go availability

According to the company, devices running Android 10 Go are set to launch later this fall. Google also revealed that over 500 OEMs have shipped more than 1600 device models running Android Go to 180+ countries like India, South Africa, Nigeria, Brazil, and the United States.