How to Solve Facebook App Battery Drain Issue

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We all love Facebook, don’t we? It certainly has made connecting with people a lot easier. However, if you use Android then you should consider deleting the Facebook application from your device; because there have been numerous cases that showed Android Facebook app drains the battery of your smartphone by upto 20% (don’t worry, we will talk about the solution later).

The Case

After receiving a lot of complaints about the Facebook app from android users, about a year ago Facebook’s central item officer, Chris Cox, asked his staff to ditch iPhones and use Android until the problem was solved.  However, the problem seems to be persistent despite many updates.

Android blogger Russell Holly, from Android Central, detailed the issues with the app on January. Which, in turn, lead bloggers from Tech World Zone and The Guardian and a Reddit user named pbrandes_eth to test and see the problem for themselves.

The blogger from TWZ  used Huawei Nexus 6P for testing and reported that the phone had 20% more battery after dumping the Facebook app. The result was true for every day on average over the period of a week.  Although, Android’s built-in battery monitoring statistics didn’t show Facebook using an excessive amount of battery, the battery consumption by Android OS and Android Framework decreased after uninstalling the app.

Similarly, users engaged in the Reddit post by pbrandes_eth found that when the Facebook and Facebook Messenger apps were deleted from the phone, the phone performed 15% faster. Pbandes_eth tested 15 separate apps and documented the findings. This drove other Reddit users to test other devices. They found similar results when testing for app executing performance.

The cases show that Facebook evidently does not spare your phone’s battery and performance. One reason for these issues maybe because there is a lot happening on Facebook and it needs to run continuously.

So, it’s best for your Android device if you ditch the Facebook app and use other methods to use Facebook on your smartphone.

Alternatives to Facebook app:

  1. You can use the light version of the official Facebook app. You can get it here:

2. Use Facebook from your browser( Mozilla, Chrome, Opera).

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