Anker SoundCore nano Review: Best Bluetooth Speaker Below Rs.2,000

anker soundcore nano gadgetbyte nepal
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Anker is a well-known brand in the tech industry. Their products range from wireless speakers to wireless chargers. And they are finally coming to Nepal. From their wide range of products, comes a small Bluetooth portable speaker, the SoundCore nano (Rs.1840) which is available exclusively online at This just might be one of the smallest Bluetooth speakers you have ever seen, but is it any good? Let’s find out in this review.


This speaker is really small, 2.1 × 2.1 × 1.3 inches to be exact. Enclosed in an Aluminum alloy finish this speaker brings the best of two worlds. A really sturdy design aided by a lightweight body (82g), this portable speaker features a unibody-ish design. The speaker’s build won’t disappoint you, most probably. And with the wide range of extremely durable Anker products, one would expect a lot.anker soundcore nano review gadgetbyte nepal bluetooth speaker

Sound Quality

By now, you should already be familiar with the speaker’s size. Why this is important is because the sound quality of the speaker won’t blow your mind much, until you actually see how small the speaker is. The speaker lacks any type of bass, and that’s actually a good thing, seeing how light the speaker is.

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There is a 3W speaker that throws out decent sound without much distortion, even at maximum volumes. Also, with the hand strap, you can attach the speaker to your bag or your jacket and just play along as you go for a hike or even bike rides.


Bluetooth 4.0 is on board for wireless music playback. The strength of the signal is fine, and the range goes up to about 20 feets easily. There is even a built-in sound cancellation mic, means you can call right from the speaker itself.anker soundcore nano review gadgetbyte nepal bluetooth speaker

The whole speaker has one port, the MicroUSB. That port is responsible for charging the device and if you want to live the wired live, you can also play music through this port (3.5mm to USB converter included in the box).

Battery Life

Battery life on this thing is fine, powered by a 400mAh, it delivers about 4 hours of music playback. Charging takes about 1.5 hours, which is fine too. Not much to complain about in this department. The speaker will keep on playing for more than 6 hours, at low volumes of course.

Conclusionanker soundcore nano review gadgetbyte nepal bluetooth speaker

This is a really good speaker, totally worth it. The mixture of size and weight and loudness is really good. The portability is its main selling point, and honestly, for a speaker this size, the quality is just awesome. You will need to experience it on your own.

The alternatives of this speaker are very few and we sadly have none of them. If you want a highly portable loudspeaker then no other can beat this one. And for a price of just Rs 1,840, the device isn’t that expensive for what it delivers either.

Sound Quality
The SoundCore Nano is an extremely portable, decently loud and well built Bluetooth speaker from Anker totally worth their pricetag.anker-soundcore-nano-review