Apple to make sleep improving technology

apple isheet sleep improving technology
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The Phones, laptops, smart watches and accessories. What’s next for the Trillion dollar tech giant? A blanket, apparently. Apple is reportedly making an iSheet – a bed-sheet/duvet/blanket woven with sensors to monitor and improve your sleep. The firm’s latest patent shows a multi-sensor sleep system that monitors your sleep. According to the company, this can pick up hidden health issues and also help you sleep better.

The system could comprise of an iSheet, a camera and a touch screen control panel. The iSheet has sensor weaved in them that measures your physiological activities. The patent describes 53 ‘piezo’ sensors on the sheet that generate multiple electrical signals. It is connected to a touch screen control panel that displays the sleeper’s heart rate, breathing, and temperature. It can also provide tips on how to get better quality sleep. And the camera monitors from above on how the person sleeps.

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At present, such sleep monitoring can only be done with heavy equipment and machinery available at hospitals. But with this system using miniature sensors, it can be very easy. The sensors can be fit into blankets, duvets or pillows too. The system records all your sleep information, but won’t share it without consent. Users can also selectively block or restrict access to use of their personal information.

But this is something in the company’s patent. Also, Apple tends to file a lot of patents, and no one can be sure when it will see the light of day. In addition, such technology might take years to be widely usable commercially. But until then, this idea is intriguing.